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Road of Reconsideration

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再思の道 (さいしのみち)
Road of Reconsideration
sa̠iɕi no̞ mit͡ɕi
The Road of Reconsideration in Phantasmagoria of Flower View

A road between the Forest of Magic and Muenzuka

Official Games
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The Road of Reconsideration (再思の道 Saishi no michi) is a road where the red spider lilies blooms (especially in the autumn season, dyeing the road a deep red), connecting the Forest of Magic and Muenzuka. Avoided by the humans of Gensokyo due to its distant location, the Great Hakurei Barrier is somewhat blurred here.

General Information

The threat level is 'high' and phantoms and ghost are easily encountered, as well as an outsider is also likely. Many humans of Gensokyo never approach here, for the reason that opening to the Outside World could happen at any time; same goes for the Netherworld, as this is a place where several barriers overlap and intersect. Those without relatives and those who try to commit suicide in the Outside World will often end up drifting across this road, ending up at Muenzuka. As those who've tried to commit suicide walk along this path when it is covered with red spider lilies, the toxins will swirl around their bodies, and then something wondrous yet unpleasant takes place: their will to survive will become rejuvenated. And then, deciding to try once more, they will suddenly come to reconsider their decisions and turn back with a renewed will to live. This is why this road has been called the "Road of Reconsideration".

There are nasty youkai who lie in wait, hoping to hunt for a meal of an outsider. After going through the trouble of enduring the struggles of reconsideration, and just when thinking about once again trying their best, being preyed upon by a youkai is no suitable repayment or reward. Depressed people, spiteful people bearing grudges, criminals and the like are the favorite food of youkai. There are plenty of those kinds of people here.

The Road's Appearance

Phantasmagoria of Flower View

The hill appeared as a stage location in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, in which it's the location for Komachi Onozuka. The stage generally appears on stage 8 in some scenarios of the game. Various characters will come here only to find out that there were also spirits lurking around, only for there to be a large amount of them due to Komachi slacking off. They defeat her, and after meet Eiki Shiki, Yamaxanadu at Muenzuka. Other characters will not come here and instead head for Muenzuka.


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