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Robots (ロボット Robotto) are machines that can mimic the appearance of living creatures or objects/tools. Robots can be controlled or programmed to have certain independent functions.

Types of robots[edit]


An Automaton (オートマタ Ōtomata, alternatively: アートマトン Ātomaton) is a self-operating machine that behaves or responds in a mechanical way. It's like a vending machine. It can be given input, which is either rejected or accepted. When something is bought, coins (or money) needs to be inserted into the machine. If these are the right coins, they are accepted, and the requested item is dropped. If the coins are wrong, they are rejected. The word is sometimes used to describe a robot, more specifically an autonomous robot.


An Android (アンドロイド andoroido) is a robot designed to look and act like a human, and with a body having a flesh-like resemblance.

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