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Ruined Western Mansion

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廃洋館 (はいようかん)
Ruined Western Mansion

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Somewhere around the Misty Lake


The Ruined Western Mansion (廃洋館, Haiyoukan) is a mansion where the echoes of ensemble rehearsals can be heard, yet none can be seen. It is home to three poltergeists, the Prismriver Sisters.

It was formerly the mansion of Count Prismriver and his four daughters, human aristocrats of the outer world. But, after the family was torn apart by a series of unfortunate events, the mansion was abandoned by all but Layla Prismriver, who refused to leave her beloved home. After Layla conjured poltergeists resembling her three sisters, they and the entire mansion disappeared into Gensokyo by the invocation of an unknown ritual.[1] The mansion is now located in the vicinity of the Misty Lake.[2]

Although the ghostly echoes may be disturbing to the mentally unprepared, any visitor can attempt to enlist the Prismriver Sisters for a musical performance. They are often seen around Gensokyo and the Netherworld at various events to generate publicity.[1]


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