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This article is a translation of Hinafuda's Glossary.

Here are definitions of terms used in Rumbling Spell Orchestra.

Active (起動状態)[edit]

A spell can be activated during the Preparation Phase while in Attack mode. The spell is placed in portrait orientation.
When in this state, a spell can be used to attack or intercept.

Awaken (覚醒)[edit]

Optional cost associated with Events that can be paid for an additional effect.
These costs are in addition to the event's standard cost.
Effects that activate upon being awakened will be preceded by "If this Event was awakened".

Basic Abilities (基本能力)[edit]

Generic abilities of a Spell Card, in green text.
See also: Unfocused Movement (X), Focused Movement (X), Protection (X), Guided Bullets, Penetration, Faith (X)

Since Basic Abilities don't take a Target, they are not affected by "can't be targeted" effects.
Moreover, even if a Basic Ability is nullified, the spell is still treated as having it.

Border Value (X) (決死判定(X))[edit]

In green text on a Character Card, but not a Basic Ability.
During the Hit Resolution, if the HV of the opponent's spell and the EV of your leader are equal, you may pay X SP to avoid the attack.

Boundary Space (自分と相手の境界)[edit]

Space separating your field and your opponent's field. This is where Scene Supports are placed.

Character Requirements (使用条件)[edit]

In order to use a card, you often need specific characters of some level in your team.
Most cards have some, so pay attention to the characters' levels.

Characters (キャラ)[edit]

Your Characters. Some cards and effects have a required number and type of characters.
This includes your leader.
Regardless of their level (how many identical cards of that character you have), a character is treated as 1 character.
(Keine and EX Keine are treated as one character, but each Prismriver sister counts as a different character.)

Cost (代償)[edit]

Requirement to use cards and Special Abilities.
Usually, a cost consists of SP, but it can also be some cards from your hand or deck.

Damage (ダメージ)[edit]

When a leader takes damages, her HP decreases by that much.
Damage cannot go below 0.

Deck (デッキ)[edit]

The pile of cards you use in a game.
You need 40 cards to make a deck.
The deck pile is not considered to be on the Field.
When the number of cards in your deck reaches 0, you lose.
Your opponent can't check the cards of your deck unless allowed by an effect.

Designation (属性)[edit]

Each character has some. (Editor's note: Except Mokou)
They are referenced by other cards.
The number varies between characters.

Discard Pile (捨て札置き場)[edit]

All discarded cards and used Events go here.
It is not considered to be on the Field.
A player may check a discard pile at any time.

Extra Cost (X) (追加代償(X))[edit]

To play the card, you need to pay an additional cost of X. This is not limited to SP.
In purple text.
Not to be confused with Extra Requirement.

Extra Requirement (追加条件)[edit]

Requirements to play the card.
In purple text.
Not to be confused with Extra Cost, which is a particular type of Extra Requirement.

Faith (X) (信仰(X))[edit]

Basic Ability. If your Leader would take X or less damage from a spell, she instead takes no damage. If the opponent's spell also has Faith (Y), then if you would take X-Y or less damage, you instead take no damage. For example, if your spell has Faith(3) and the opponent's has Faith(1), you ignore all damage from spells of 2 HP or less. If a spell would damage you for 3 or more HP, then you take full damage. For clarification, damage cannot go below 0.

Field ()[edit]

Each player has his own Field, where he places Characters, Spells, and Supports.
The deck pile and the discard pile are not included in the Field.
A Scene Support can be placed on the Boundary Space between the 2 Fields.

Focused Movement (X) (低速移動(X))[edit]

Basic Ability. When your opponent's Spell Type is Spread, your leader gains +X EV.

Guided Bullets (誘導弾)[edit]

Basic Ability. Ignore any Unfocused Movement (X) or Focused Movement (X) your opponent's spell may have.

Hit (命中)[edit]

If you hit with a spell. A hit that deals 0 damage is still treated as a hit.

Hit Resolution (命中判定)[edit]

The point during the Combat Phase when it is determined whether a Spell hit or not.
No Special Abilities can be used during this time.

HP (体力)[edit]

Health points. The initial value depends of the leader.
This initial value is also the maximum.
The game is over when a leader's HP reach 0.

HV (命中値)[edit]

Hit Value: the accuracy of the spell.

Leader Swap (入れ替え)[edit]

An ability of Keine and the Prismriver sisters.
HP and all equipped Leader Supports follow.
You may swap in the same character.
If your current HP exceeds the max HP of the new leader, take the new max HP value.

Penetration (貫通)[edit]

Basic Ability. Ignore any Protection (X) your opponent's spell may have.

Permanent Ability (常時)[edit]

A Special Ability that don't need to be used to be effective.

They are divided in 2 different categories with different behaviors:

  • Conditional Permanent Ability
They last as long as their conditions are fulfilled.
As soon as the conditions aren't, their effects are not active anymore.
  • Triggered permanent ability
They are activated each time a certain action is done.
If this action is done X times, this ability will be triggered X times as well and the effect is cumulative.
The effect always continues until its end.
(The damage dealt by Defense Formation doesn't disappear, and the effect of Jamming continue until the end of the turn)
This has of course no effect if there isn't a valid target.

Phase Restriction (効果発揮タイミング)[edit]

Phase during which a Special Ability can be used.
Indicated in blue text.
If the Phase Restriction has "/Attack" or "/Intercept", the Special Ability can only be used during Attack or Interception respectively.

Protection (X) (防壁(X))[edit]

Basic Ability. Gives the opponent's Spell a penalty of AV -X and IV -X.

Reserve (準備状態)[edit]

A Spell in Reserve is not ready for attack, and is placed in landscape position.
Though it can't be used to attack or intercept, it is still possible to use its Special Abilities and Supports.
During the Replenishing Phase, each Reserved Spell increases the SP gained by 1.

SP (呪力)[edit]

Numerical value consumed when cards and abilities are used.
Similar to "cost" or "MP" in other games.
You regain some SP during the Replenishing Phase, and SP carry over between turns.

SP Cost (呪力代償)[edit]

You have to pay SP in order to use a Spell card, a Support Card or an Event Card.
SP cost is clearly indicated at the top left corner of the card.
This value isn't affected by the effects of other cards.

Special Ability (特殊能力)[edit]

The Characters have each some Special Abilities that can affect the game.
They generally have a Phase Restriction and a Cost.
Alice tends to count on her dolls and Special Ability rather than her spells' stats.

Spell Type (性質)[edit]

There are 3 Spell Types: Concentration, Spread or Normal.

Support Class (サポート属性)[edit]

Some Support Cards have an attribute, in green text, that may be referenced by other cards. There are currently 5 different Support Classes: Shikigami, Doll, Instrument, Ghost, and Incident.

Support Equipping (配置)[edit]

The action done to equip a Support.
You have to declare the use, select a valid target and pay the cost (and extra cost). The Support is now equipped to the target.

Target (目標)[edit]

Target of an Event or Special Ability, needed for the effect.
In red text on the cards.
If there aren't any valid targets, the Event or Special Ability can't be used.

Unfocused Movement (X) (高速移動(X))[edit]

Basic Ability. When your opponent's Spell Type is Concentration, your leader gains +X EV.

Use (使用)[edit]

The action done to activate an effect of an Event Card or Special Ability.
(Prior to the activation of the effect, the Event Card or Special Ability has to be "used".)
To use a Special Ability or an Event, you need to be in the right phase (according to the Phase Restriction), select an appropriate target, and pay any cost (and additional cost).
The effect is then activated.