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Rumi Arie

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(あり) ()  ルミ
Rumi Arie
Rumi Arie
Rumi Arie in Uwabami Breakers
The Famous Mama-san of Bars and Alcohol
More Character Titles

Ariko (アリコー)


Human (native to the Outside World)


Owner of the Twilight Bar Room, supervisor, abusing her customers


Outside World (Twilight Bar Room)

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Official Games
Note: This article is part of the game Uwabami Breakers by the Doujin circle The Drinking Party.

Rumi Arie (有江 ルミ Arie Rumi) is the owner of the Twilight Bar Room who supervises her two employees. She usually abuses her customers when they don't pay their tabs. Isami Asama encounters Rumi on the second stage of Uwabami Breakers, at the bar area called the "Bar C2H5OH (Ethanol)". Isami didn't pay her tabs, so Rumi Arie attacked her.

Character Basis


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In her profile, she is called Mama-san, a name for a woman who works for a drinking place or may have sex work in Southeast Asia. However, because this title is originally from Japan, Mama-san is a woman who works as a supervisor at bars or nightclubs. This would suggest that she is a supervisor of the Twilight Bar Room and the owner of it. It doesn't imply that she's a mother.


Rumi Arie wears a half-yellow, half-purple kimono. On her black-and-spotted-red apron is the name of the bar. She has white hair tied into a bun with a hairpin in the back, and covering one eye in the front. She holds a pipe.


Amakasu Barley Tenji and Tatsumi Hakkaisan

Amakasu Barley Tenji and Tatsumi Hakkaisan are both employee's to Rumi.

Isami Asama

Isami Asama is a customer of the Twilight Bar Room, thought their relationship is unclear.

Spell Cards

Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 3
焼酎カクテル「大魔王オレンジ&ザクロ」 Shouchuu Cocktail "Daimaou Orange & Zakuro" UB St. 2
ビールカクテル「キリン塩味」 Beer Cocktail "Salty Kirin" UB St. 2
古酒「五日前のソーダハイ」 Old Sake "Soda High From Five Days Before" UB St. 2

Additional Information

Official Profiles

Uwabami Breakers - ZUN後書き.txt
○二面ボス バー、アルコールの名物ママさん

 「有江 ルミ」(ありえ るみ)



Stage 2 boss  The famous Mama-san of bars and alcohol

Rumi Arie

Her childhood nickname was "Ariko".
She has a harsh personality and tends to abuse her customers.
She won't hesitate to kick customers who don't pay their tabs.

And while we're on the subject, nowadays all of her customers are deadbeats.

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Official sources