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The Sages of Gensokyo (幻想郷の賢者 Gensoukyou no Kenja), also known as the Youkai Sages (妖怪の賢者 Youkai no Kenja), are a mysterious group responsible for the creation of Gensokyo, both separating it from the Outside World and establishing its current social order. One of their most famous actions was the proposal of the Hakurei Barrier. Upon its creation, the Dragon God made its last known appearance and the sages pledged eternal peace to it.[1] The sages also maintain Gensokyo's segregation pact with the denizens of the Underworld.[2]

Their common title of "Youkai Sages" appears to be something of a misnomer, as at least one of their members is a god rather than a youkai.

The sages have been out of contact with Gensokyo society and each other for an unclear amount of time, with Yukari Yakumo being the only confirmed member of the group to remain publicly visible and active. In Spring 2010 or possibly earlier,[3] Kasen Ibaraki came down from Youkai Mountain and began taking a more active role in Gensokyo, though she does so under an alias and currently only Yukari and Okina are confirmed to be aware of her previous identity as a sage.[4] In the midsummer of 2017, Okina Matara returned to the public eye by causing an incident designed to catch everyone's attention, particularly that of the other sages.[5]

Known Members[edit]



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