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() (しん)  サグメ
Sagume Kishin
kiɕĩn sa̠ɡ̃ɯᵝme̞
Sagume Kishin
Sagume Kishin in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom
Goddess Who Invites Unfortunate Slips of the Tongue
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Lunarian (Divine Spirit)


Reversing a situation with her words


Lunar Capital

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"I am Sagume, a being who can change the world's course with my words.
Now that I've gone and talked about it, fate will begin to change again."

Sagume Kishin (Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom Stage 4)

Sagume Kishin (稀神 サグメ Kishin Sagume) is a Lunarian goddess (specifically, a divine spirit) who was indirectly responsible for the Urban Legend Incident.

General Information[edit]

Sagume appeared as the Stage 4 midboss and Boss in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom.


Because of her powers to reverse fate when speaking, Sagume has to carefully choose what words she uses to speak. This resulted in her being taciturn and reserved, even picking up a habit of covering her lips with one hand.

Strangely for a Lunarian, Sagume has displayed actions that goes against their ideologies. Despite being enemies with Gensokyo, Sagume had aided the realm on two separate occasions. The first time was in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom where she forgoes her plan to relocate the Lunar Capital and places her faith in the protagonists, even going as far as giving one of them the Lunar Capital Occult Ball in the process [1] (though it's a possibility that it could've been pragmatic on her part) and the second time was in Grimoire of Usami where she put a stop to the spreading chaos that plagued the fireworks festival with her words. Sagume's also on friendly terms with Eirin Yagokoro despite her status as a wanted fugitive and would frequently visit her. [2] However, Hecatia Lapislazuli surmised that Sagume would've attempted to control Gensokyo through Aya Shameimaru's dishonest articles about isolationism if she were to publish it [3], though it's uncertain if Sagume would've wanted to do it.


Reversing a situation with her words

When she speaks about a particular situation or event, that situation will eventually proceed to reverse itself, through whatever means possible. If she speaks about an attempt to achieve a goal, it will fail in some way. If she speaks about something bad occurring, it will be resolved in some way. Due to this, she tends to not speak too much and always chooses her words carefully. Note that it is the situation or the event she talks about that will be reversed in some manner; it is not that the opposite of what she says must occur.

In Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom, Sagume had thought of a backup plan to move the Lunar Capital to Gensokyo in case Junko's actions eventually forced the Lunarians to leave their temporary refuge in the Dream World. However, when the player shows up to take care of Junko, Sagume realizes her opportunity to help save the Lunar Capital. By talking to the protagonist about their plan to invade Gensokyo, her ability ensures that the plan will not come to fruition. By doing so, Sagume bets on the likelihood that the reason they will not end up relocating to Gensokyo is because the protagonist will in fact save the Lunar Capital. By talking to the player directly, she forced the situation to reverse around them.

Occult Balls

Using her powers, Sagume created a secret occult ball. It had the power to change the world by using people's words, and merely being near it would cause false rumors, such as urban legends, to materialize. Although it was just insurance, the plan was to use it to materialize the Lunar Capital in Gensokyo by spreading rumors about NASA hiding the truth about what they saw on the Moon. This also caused numerous lesser urban legends to materialize, starting the events of Urban Legend in Limbo. It is currently in possession of Marisa Kirisame [1].


She is a goddess, but she has a part of her that is a Heavenly God (天津神 Amatsukami) represented by the sole wing on her back and a part that is a Earthly God (土着神 Kunitsukami)[4]. Other than being a Lunarian, Sagume can also "tentatively" be classified as a divine spirit, but it is said that her true nature isn't that of a god, an oni, or a departed soul. She could be considered a type of amanojaku, but she is actually far above them [5], and could also be considered separate from them[6].

Character Design[edit]

Sagume's braid as seen in Forbidden Scrollery


Sagume may be based in part on Ame-no-Sagume (天探女), who is thought to be the basis of amanojaku folklore.


Her full name is Sagume Kishin (稀神サグメ). Her last name, Kishin (稀神), means "rare god". It differs from kishin (鬼神), which means "oni god" and the Kijin in Seija Kijin (鬼人), which means "oni human" and forms a part of her and Seija's species, amanojaku.[5]

ZUN also relates her with sagi (サギ) which means Heron ( sagi) and can also be read as swindler (詐欺 sagi).[4]


Sagume has short, light grey hair with a braid on the back, red eyes, and a single wing on her back. She wears a purple dress, the bottom of which is cut into an arrow pattern, with a red microphone bowtie, a tan jacket, and brown shoes.


Sagume's sprite in LoLK


Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

Sagume encounters the protagonists in the already deserted Lunar Capital, after revealing the nature of their visit she proceeds to test their strength to see if they're capable of confronting the person attacking the Moon and, by consequence, stop the invasion to Gensokyo.


Antinomy of Common Flowers

Byakuren Hijiri mentions Sagume as the culprit behind the Urban Legend Incident upon defeating Reisen Udongein Inaba in versus mode.


Eirin Yagokoro

Due to Eirin being a sage of the Moon before fleeing to the Earth, Sagume seemed be aware of her taking action during Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom events and calls her Lady Yagokoro (八意様 Yagokoro-sama).
Later, Sagume is seen speaking with Eirin in an article of Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia by Aya, although the subject of the conversation is unknown.

Reisen Udongein Inaba

When Reisen meets Sagume during Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom events, she recognizes her as one of the Goddesses and address her as proper. Sagume recognizes Reisen as "the rabbit that fell to Earth" from Eirin's place.




Spell Cards[edit]

Additional Information[edit]

  • In most of her spell card and non-spell card attacks, she makes a lot of use of the flying yin-yangs, a mysterious stage enemy that re-occurs in the Touhou Project, as well as being primarily the only enemy of her stage.
  • Even though she has a "defeated" sprite in the game's code, it is never used. ZUN made the image as part of his workflow, but didn't use it as the dialogue after battle is many times longer than the pre-battle dialogue, and didn't like Sagume being in a defeated state the whole time.[7]
  • In Marisa's Pointdevice/Legacy No Miss ending, Sagume had informed Marisa about the Occult Balls and seemingly gifted her the Lunar Capital ball. Yukari then told Marisa to "cherish her relationship with that one." It's unknown if they have any meaningful connections after their exchange.


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