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Saki Kurokoma

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(くろ) (こま) 早鬼 (さき)
kɯɾokoma saki
Saki Kurokoma
Saki Kurokoma
Matriarch of the Keiga Family
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Having unmatched leg strength


Matriarch of the Keiga Family

Music Themes

聖徳太子のペガサス 〜 Dark Pegasus (Wily Beast and Weakest Creature)

Official Games
Print Works

Strange Creators of Outer World (Who's Who of Humans & Youkai in Gensokyo - Everlasting Edition)

"Your power, swiftness, bravery and knowledge in facing down danmaku... All in perfect balance! I-I'm moved!"
Saki Kurokoma (Wily Beast and Weakest Creature Extra Stage)

Saki Kurokoma (驪駒 早鬼 Kurokoma Saki) is the extra stage boss of Wily Beast and Weakest Creature. She runs the Keiga Family, a major organization of beast spirits in the Animal Realm of hell.

General Information

Saki first appears as the extra boss of Wily Beast and Weakest Creature and is the leader of the wolf spirits. In terms of height, she is shorter than she looks, and she's mindful enough of this fact to always stand in an imposing manner, wings outstretched, to make herself look bigger.[1]


Saki has a casual (but not rude) personality. As the leader of the wolf spirits, she is similar to her underlings: strong physically but not very smart. She was quite pumped to fight the heroine. She also respects others' strength even if they are an enemy, like Keiki Haniyasushin or Yachie Kicchou. In Wily Beast and Weakest Creature's Extra Stage, she even asks the heroines if they wanted to join them after being surprised at their strength or fight again. She is quite ambitious and does not hesitate to act, quickly planning on conquering hell and the surface when seeing a chance to.


Ability to have unmatched leg strength

While not directly stated, most of her spell cards seemingly correspond to her ability. Especially the "Agile Skill" spell cards.

Character Design

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Saki is based on Kai-no-Kurokoma (甲斐の黒駒, lit. Black-coated Horse from Kai), a legendary horse said to be owned and cherished by Prince Shoutoku that could fly through the sky. It was a horse that Shoutoku rode to various localities to spread the word of Buddhism. It was also said the Prince often rode this horse to Ikaruga (Hōryū-ji) and that the horse had miraculous powers on top of the ability to fly.


Her full name is Saki Kurokoma (早鬼 驪駒). Her first name, Saki (早鬼), roughly translates to "speed demon", which might be a reference to her ability. The character also appears in the Japanese title of Wily Beast and Weakest Creature (形獣).

Kurokoma is inspired by Kurokoma (黒駒), a legendary horse owned by Prince Shoutoku said to be able to fly in the air, though the kanji used for her last name is different. First character means black horse ( kuro) and the second means horse ( koma).


Saki has red eyes and black hair. She has black wings and a black horse tail. Her outfit is reminiscent of cowboys, where she wears a brown cowboy hat, a light turquoise bandanna, and two diagonal-plaid patterned clothes, one light blue and the lower pale pink. She also wears brown boots. Despite being a horse-related species, she is depicted with no horse ears under her hat.[2]


Saki's sprite in WBaWC


Wily Beast and Weakest Creature

She teamed up with the other groups to stage the Hell invasion to overthrow Keiki Haniyasushin. In the extra stage, she once again invades Hell after hearing of Keiki's defeat and plans to do the same to the surface world, this time to try and take them over for herself.


100th Black Market

In 100th Black Market, Saki appears as the one of the 6th market bosses. She has two ability cards dedicated to her, both pertaining to beasts.


Yachie Kicchou and Keiki Haniyasushin

Saki gets along very poorly with both Yachie and Keiki, but respects their strength.

Toyosatomimi no Miko

Given the legend that Saki was the horse of Prince Shoutoku, which is Toyosatomimi no Miko's former name, there is a high likelihood that the pair of them know each other, although this is not yet confirmed.

Yuuma Toutetsu

Judging by the dialogue of the Extra Stages in the eagle spirit scenarios, it is suspected that Saki loathes Yuuma more so than Yachie and Keiki, saying that Toutetsu "is the worst".





Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 12
勁疾技「スリリングショット」 Agile Skill "Thrilling Shot" WBaWC St. Ex
勁疾技「ライトニングネイ」 Agile Skill "Lightning Neigh" WBaWC St. Ex
勁疾技「デンスクラウド」 Agile Skill "Dense Cloud" WBaWC St. Ex
勁疾技「ビーストエピデミシティ」 Agile Skill "Beast Epidemicity" WBaWC St. Ex
勁疾技「トライアングルチェイス」 Agile Skill "Triangle Chase" WBaWC St. Ex
勁疾技「ブラックペガサス流星弾」 Agile Skill "Black Pegasus Meteor Shot" WBaWC St. Ex
勁疾技「マッスルエクスプロージョン」 Agile Skill "Muscle Explosion" WBaWC St. Ex
「フォロミーアンアフライド」 "Follow Me, Unafraid" WBaWC St. Ex
「鬼形のホイポロイ」 "Oni-Shaped Hoi Polloi" WBaWC St. Ex
「鬼畜生の所業」 "Deeds of Devilish Beasts" WBaWC St. Ex
天星馬「ペガサスクロス」 Heavenly Stellar Steed "Pegasus Cross" HBM 6th Market
「爆発は筋力だ!」 "This Explosion is Muscle Strength!" HBM 6th Market

Additional Information


Official Profiles

Saki Kurokoma  ○エキストラボス


  驪駒 早鬼(くろこま さき)
  Kurokoma Saki





Stage EX Boss

Matriarch of the Keiga Family

Saki Kurokoma

Species: Kurokoma
Ability: Capable of having unmatched leg strength

The matriarch of the Keiga Family.
When word spread through the Animal Realm that the previously-invincible Keiki of the Primate Spirit Garden had been defeated, she made her next move in a flash.
She thought that with Keiki out of the picture, it'd only be a matter of time before the Animal Realm fell under her own control, so she went to inspect the Human Realm in advance-- and take control of it too, if at all possible.

As soon as she thinks to do something, she does it without a second's hesitation.
Because she values her underlings' opinions and achievements, among other reasons, she's one of the more popular organization heads. (Though all the work she does is unbelievably dirty.)

She likes strong people, even if they're an enemy.
She gets along terribly with both Kicchou and Keiki, but she does respect their strength.