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駒草 (こまくさ)  山如 (さんにょ)
Sannyo Komakusa
Sannyo Komakusa
Sannyo Komakusa in Unconnected Marketeers
Highland-Dwelling Yamajorou
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Controlling people's minds with tobacco smoke


Owner of a gambling den


Youkai Mountain plateaus

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スモーキングドラゴン (Unconnected Marketeers)

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Sannyo Komakusa (駒草 山如 Komakusa Sannyo), also known by the epithet Komakusa-dayuu (駒草太夫 Komakusadayuu), is the Stage 3 midboss and boss in Unconnected Marketeers.

General Information[edit]


In Unconnected Marketeers, Sannyo has a gruff and curt personality, telling the protagonist to go away before they "spoil the taste of her tobacco." Her speaking style with the protagonist is informal and brash, matching Marisa Kirisame in sarcasm and tone when the two of them meet, in contrast to her silk robes and otherwise high-class appearance.


She has the ability to control people's minds with her tobacco smoke. According to her character bio, she mainly uses it to calm down her gambling patrons and prevent the sort of frenzy that tends to break out in gambling dens.

Background Information[edit]


Her surname, Komakusa (駒草), is the Japanese word for Dicentra peregrina. Koma () in this context means "horse", owing to how the plant's shape resembles a horse's head, and kusa () means "grass" or "herb".

Her given name, Sannyo (山如), is spelt with characters that mean "like a mountain". When written with the character 女, nyo can also mean "woman", making "mountain woman".

Her nickname is Komakusa-dayuu (駒草太夫 Komakusadayuu): her surname with the suffix tayuu (太夫) applied to it. A tayuu is the highest rank amongst oiran (花魁), which were high-ranking courtesans in historical Japan.


Her nickname and youkai species heavily imply that she is (or was) a high-ranking courtesan. Her outfit in Unconnected Marketeers reflects this, which consists of layered red silk robes with gold embroidery, and a violet silk skirt. Historically, violet silk was very expensive and considered a luxury few could afford. She also possesses an ornate dragon pipe with yellow gemstone eyes (used with "100% natural Youkai Mountain tobacco"), and what appears to be a gold-gilded folding fan.



Unconnected Marketeers

Her first appearance was in Unconnected Marketeers. The protagonist met her outside of the Rainbow Dragon Cave, which she explained is a mine containing the "power of dreams." She warned the protagonist against delving inside but nonetheless didn't seem to consider it her problem. The protagonist also had the option of buying cards from her, as with the other bosses.


Tengu & Kappa[edit]

In Unconnected Marketeers, she mentions that she runs a gambling den which is frequented by the tengu and kappa of Youkai Mountain.

Moriya Shrine[edit]

In Unconnected Marketeers, she chides Sanae Kochiya for acting like a "mountain cop" and complains about the Moriya Shrine meddling in her affairs in general.

Spell Cards[edit]

Additional Information[edit]

  • In the trial version of Unconnected Marketeers, Sannyo's boss sprite and spell card cutin were both based on her defeated dialogue portrait, in which her sleeve and dress are visibly torn. This has been rectified in the full version.
  • The name of Sannyo's species "yamajorou" is one of the aliases of "mountain woman" (山女, yama onna).


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