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Sannyo Komakusa

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(こま) (くさ)   (さん) (にょ)
komakɯsa saɲɲo
Sannyo Komakusa
Sannyo Komakusa
Sannyo Komakusa in Unconnected Marketeers
Highland-Dwelling Yamajorou
More Character Titles

Madame Komakusa, Komakusa-dayuu




Controlling people's minds with tobacco smoke


Bookmaker, casino owner


Komakusa Gambling Den

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"What are these cards?
Who's making 'em?"
"...You don't need to know about that.
Uh, actually, I don't know either.
It's not somethin' I need to do business, after all."
Marisa Kirisame and Sannyo Komakusa (Unconnected Marketeers Stage 3)

Sannyo Komakusa (駒草 山如 Komakusa Sannyo), also known by her title and nickname Madame Komakusa (駒草太夫 Komakusadayuu), is a Yamajorou who owns and operates a gambling den on Youkai Mountain frequented by the mountain's residents. She acts as the Stage 3 midboss and boss in Unconnected Marketeers.

General Information


In Unconnected Marketeers, Sannyo has a gruff and curt personality, telling the protagonist to go away before they "spoil the taste of her tobacco." It stands out how angry she becomes after recognizing Sanae Kochiya, telling her that she shouldn't be there and asking if she was now a "mountain cop". Her speaking style with the protagonist is informal and brash, matching Marisa Kirisame in sarcasm and tone when the two of them meet, in contrast to her silk robes and otherwise high-class appearance.


She has the ability to control people's minds with her tobacco smoke. She mainly uses it to calm down her gambling patrons and prevent the sort of frenzy that tends to break out in gambling dens. [1] [2]

Her tobacco is made from herbs on Youkai Mountain.[2]

Character Design


Her surname, Komakusa (駒草), is the Japanese word for Dicentra peregrina. Koma () in this context means "horse", owing to how the plant's shape resembles a horse's head, and kusa () means "grass" or "herb".

Her given name, Sannyo (山如), is spelt with characters that mean "like a mountain". When written with the character 女, nyo can also mean "woman", making "mountain woman".

Her nickname is Madame Komakusa (駒草太夫 Komakusadayuu): in the original Japanese, her surname with the suffix tayuu (太夫) appended to it. A tayuu is the highest rank amongst oiran (花魁), which were high-ranking courtesans in historical Japan. While still courtesans, the tayuu were more like matrons and did not necessarily sleep with customers as their juniors did.


Sannyo has purple hair with a ponytail, a yellow bow and red eyes. She wears a dark red top, over it a red jacket with golden embellishments, and a multi-layered skirt in various shades from white to purple with further embellishments. She also wears sandals, a golden fan and a smoking pipe in the shape of a dragon.

Her style of dress implies high wealth. Her robes are elaborately embroidered or painted, and purple fabric has always been considered a symbol of status or power because of its expensive production, so in ancient Rome it was reserved only for senators and emperors. Moreover, according to her profile, she smokes only selected tobacco from Youkai Mountain. Combined with her nickname, her refined appearance could imply a past as a high-ranking courtesan. On the other hand, according to the omake, her name comes only from her style of dress.



Sannyo's sprite in UM
Unconnected Marketeers

Her first appearance was in Unconnected Marketeers. The protagonist met her outside of the Rainbow Dragon Cave, which she explained is a mine containing the "power of dreams." She warned the protagonist against delving inside but nonetheless didn't seem to consider it her problem. The protagonist also had the option of buying cards from her, as with the other bosses.


Lotus Eaters

In chapter 29, Mamizou goes to the Komakusa Gambling Den on Aya Shameimaru’s recommendation to find the tobacco which has a calming effect even for the people around the smoker. There, she is greeted by Sannyo, who offers her playing odds or evens. Even though Mamizou was convinced she cracked Sannyo's trick, she loses everything at the end. Later, Sannyo explains more about her tobacco and about how worried she is about a human that frequents her gambling den disguised, as they could be attacked by youkai and her den could face problems as a result.

Ultimately, Mamizou proposes opening a branch of the Gambling Den at Geidontei, in the Human Village, where only humans could participate and which would make them stop risking their lives by trekking up Youkai Mountain..


Tengu & Kappa

In Unconnected Marketeers, she mentions that she runs a gambling den which is frequented by the tengu and kappa of Youkai Mountain. The gambling den appears in Lotus Eaters, with a big amount of kappa, yamawaro, and tengu inside.

Moriya Shrine

In Unconnected Marketeers, she chides Sanae Kochiya for acting like a "mountain cop" and complains about the Moriya Shrine meddling in her affairs in general.

Mamizou Futatsuiwa

Sannyo treats Mamizou with great respect, treating her to a grandiose welcome in Lotus Eaters. Later, she calls her a “distinguished youkai from Youkai Mountain”, “Miss Futatsuiwa” or even “Boss”, alluding to Mamizou's Yakuza-boss-like demeanor and character design. They are seen talking at Geidontei, and appear to be on good terms.



Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 6
山符「動天の雲間草」 Mountain Sign "Heaven-Shaking Kumomagusa" UM St. 3: E/N
山怪「驚愕の雲間草」 Mountain Apparition "Astonishing Kumomagusa" UM St. 3: H/L
山符「妖光輝く薄雪草」 Mountain Sign "Usuyukisou Shining with Bewitching Light" UM St. 3: E/N
山怪「妖魔犇めく薄雪草」 Mountain Apparition "Usuyukisou of Thronging Crowds of Youma" UM St. 3: H/L
山花「殺戮の駒草」 Mountain Flower "Komakusa of Massacre" UM St. 3: E/N
山花「殺戮の山の女王」 Mountain Flower "Mountain Queen of Massacre" UM St. 3: H/L

Additional Information

  • In the trial version of Unconnected Marketeers, Sannyo's boss sprite and spell card cutin were both based on her defeated dialogue portrait, in which her sleeve and dress are visibly torn. This has been rectified in the full version.
  • The name of Sannyo's species "yamajorou" is one of the aliases of "mountain woman" (山女, yama onna).


Official Profiles

Unconnected Marketeers trial - omake.txt
Sannyo Komakusa (Komakusa-dayuu)  ○3面ボス


  本名 駒草 山如(こまくさ さんにょ)
  Komakusa Sannyo

  通称 駒草太夫(こまくさだゆう)






Stage 3 Boss

Highland-Dwelling Yamajorou

Full name: Sannyo Komakusa

Nickname: Madame Komakusa (Komakusa-dayuu)

Species: Yamajorou
Ability: Capable of controlling people's minds with tobacco smoke

A mountain youkai who enjoys tobacco. Lives on the high plateaus of the Youkai Mountain.
Other mountain youkai call her by the fond nickname "Komakusa-dayuu", owing to her appearance.

She runs a gambling den for tengu, yamawaro, kappa, and the like, and makes her living as its bookmaker.
For the mountain youkai, gambling is the highest form of amusement.

100% natural Youkai Mountain tobacco is known for the variety of effects it induces when its smoke is inhaled.
For instance, it can calm one's mind, or conversely invigorate it.
She skillfully uses this smoke to prevent the sort of frenzy that tends to break out in gambling dens.
The den she runs is a fine, gentlemanly social gathering spot. Thanks to the tobacco smoke that encircles everything in it, that is...

The Ability Cards that suddenly sprang up would be the ultimate material for the mountain youkai to bet on.
That was what she thought.

Official Sources

Official sources


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