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―The Hakurei Shrine, recovering slowly from the rain.

The four that had resolved the incident were now speaking peacefully with its culprit.
But, it so happened that she brought up something odd in conversation.

 祐毋「あら、あの娘も貴方達の味方かと思っていたわ」 「Ummu」 “Oh, I was under the impression that she was with you too.”


She had mentioned that another person attempted to resolve the incident before Reimu and company,
but in an ineffectively diplomatic matter.
祐毋「あの娘なら……今も穹蒼洋にとどまっているはずよ」 「Ummu」 “That person… She’s currently staying in the Expanse.”
その時、突然開かれた障子がバタンと音を立てて枠にぶつかった。 A sliding door could be heard slamming against wood.
???「ねーレイムっち、幻想郷の雨期っていつもこんなに荒っぽい感じなの?」 「???」 “Reimers, does everyone really fight like this during Gensokyo’s rainy season?”


Sumireko, an Outside World fearsome High School Girl,
came complaining of constant danmaku battles on the way to the shrine.

It so happened that immediately after the Saltwater Rain incident, as they had begun to call it,
a ridiculous influx of spirits had come into Gensokyo.
After a disturbingly quiet set of weeks in Gensokyo, the land had exploded into activity. To an unreasonable degree, of course.

魔理沙「……こっちも火の魔法がいまだに使えないよなー。 明らかに何か怪しいぜ」 「Marisa」 “...I still can’t use my fire magic. Somethin’s fishy about all this…”
ヘカーティアは頭の上の球体を月の方に切り替えりながら、小さいため息をついた。 Hecatia sighed, swapping out the orb on top of her head for her Moon body.

  星     「大量の霊の出現も聖から聞きましたわ……」
  霊夢    「そういえば、あいつらみんな“神霊”だよね?」
  魔理沙   「こりゃもう一つの異変に違いないな」

「Hecatia」 “There’s been like, some kerfuffle, I think, with some gods in this country about
something-or-other being brought out from one of the Earthly hells.”

「Shou」 “Hijiri mentioned something about a great appearance of spirits…”
「Reimu」 “Now that you happen to mention it, those are divine spirits.”
「Marisa」 “Gotta be another incident.”



Hecatia mourned the death of her vacation, and smiled at Clownpiece as the four left outside again.

Inside, Ummu sipped her “tea” or whatever it happened to be called in silence.

菫子「うーむ。 里で見つけたオカルトスポットの話もしておいた方が良かったかなぁ」


「Sumireko」 “Er, I wonder if I should have told them about that Occult Spot I found in the village.”

「Ummu」 “Perhaps I should have told them something too, haha.
About the one that came before the other girl…”

彼女がこれをあえて口にしなかった。 She kept this thought to herself.


Along the divine spirits creating a danmaku-infested pandaemonium out of Gensokyo, a group of fairies began to cluster around the now much-more stable gate to the Expanse.


That goddess in hiding.

She wondered how long it would take for them to find her.

ああ、この時代でも神々の世界は興味深いものだ。(ヘカーティアから聞いても) Really, the world of the gods was still a funny place. (Even according to Hecatia.)