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―The Hakurei Shrine, void of the typical nuisances.

For past few weeks, the youkai world had been sent into a panic at the sudden disappearance of quite a few of its members.
Humans, however, were busy dealing with a rather turbulent rainy season.

霊夢  「あの地獄の妖精が神社の地下にいたらこんなに寒くないはずなのに」

魔理沙 「へぇー あいつもいなくなってるか……」

「Reimu」 “It wouldn’t be so chilly if the Hell Fairy was back under the shrine.”

「Marisa」 “Really, now? So she’s gone too...”



The rain was much heavier than in years past, and had continued through both day and night.

There was a certain suspicious quality to this rain, too.
Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame were unable to put a name to it.



Through the vacuum of moisture and mist, an avatar emerged.

Of course, Shou Toramaru had come drenched, being without an umbrella.

星      「聖は貴方達はここに居ると言いましたから、できるだけ早く会いに来ました」

霊夢と魔理沙 「え?」

「Shou」 “Hijiri had said you would be here, so I arrived as soon as I could.”

「Reimu and Marisa」 “Eh?”



The disciple of Vaisvanara explained the ongoing issue at Myouren Temple.

A strange weather phenomena had begun to affect the faithful coming from Youkai Mountain.
Those sent to investigate the matter had disappeared entirely.

霊夢  「また妖怪が消える話で、また変な天気の話……」

魔理沙 「私の炎魔法の邪魔になった頃から怪しかったな」
星   「私達が力を合わせて一緒に解決しに行こうと聖は勧めました」
??? 「へー そうなのー?」

「Reimu」 “Disappearances of youkai again and more weird weather...”
「Marisa」 “Y’know, it was suspicious when it started messing with my fire magic.”

「Shou」 “It was the intention of Hijiri that we collaborate on the matter.”
「???」 “Really, now?”

ずっと立ち聞いていた地獄の女神は姿を表した。 The Goddess of Hell revealed herself, having eavesdropped the whole time.
ヘカーティア 「みんながこうやって寄り合ってるとはちょっと意外ね~」

星      「……あれ?」
霊夢     「あの、あんた、なぜ神社にいるの?」

「Hecatia」 “I wasn’t expecting everyone to be in a tussle, aw.”

「Shou」 “...Ah?”
「Reimu」 “Erm, why are you at my shrine?”

ヘカーティアは空を指さして、掌に雨だれを集めた。 Hecatia gestured to the sky and collected some rain into her palm.
ヘカーティア 「私の愛しいクラウンピースが消えた時から怪しかったけどぉ……

魔理沙    「どゆこと?」
ヘカーティア 「まずはー、普通の雨の匂いとは全然違うわ
        分からないの? 塩水の匂いなのよ」

「Hecatia」 “I was suspicious when my little Clownpiece disappeared, but…
This is all definitely part of what you guys call an ‘incident’.
I came here to tell you that.”

「Marisa」 “Whaddya mean?”
「Hecatia」 “Starting off, no natural rain should smell like this.

Don’t you recognize the smell? It’s seawater.”


A saltwater deluge had spread itself across Gensokyo’s skies.

If allowed to go on for too long, it would spell absolute crop failure for all in Gensokyo, and that would only be the beginning of problems.
Besides, neither human or youkai would be able to endure an endless rainy season.

外国の妖精の怪しい群れが近くにあった。 A group of foreign fairies were in a suspicious cluster.