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Satono Nishida

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() () ()   (さと) ()
ɲiɕida satono
Satono Nishida

Satono Nishida
The All-Too-Dangerous Backup Dancers
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Drawing out people's mental energy by dancing behind them


Servant of Okina Matara

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"Now, this might be a bit sudden, but let's start your test!"
"Test? What are you even talking about?"
Satono Nishida and Reimu Hakurei (Hidden Star in Four Seasons Stage 5.)

Satono Nishida (爾子田 里乃 Nishida Satono) is a subordinate of Okina Matara, along with her partner Mai Teireida.

General Information

Satono appeared as the Stage 5 Midboss, Stage 5 Boss and Extra Stage Midboss in Hidden Star in Four Seasons.


She has little memory of her time as a human, but has retained her personality. She is discreet, but tends to be overconfident and has a gentle personality. Still, she acts for Okina's sake alone, seemingly not having the free will to question otherwise. [1]


Drawing out people's mental energy by dancing behind them

Entrusted to Satono, it is not an ability of hers, but of her master, Okina. She draws out the latent ability in all things by dancing behind them, in this case mental energy.


Satono, along with Mai, are douji to Okina Matara. [1] Okina describes the job as a fixer, helping Okina maintaining the balance of Gensokyo from behind the scenes. Okina compared the job to being "her precious arms and legs." Okina also mentions that she swaps them out with new humans, periodically, implying that both of them are successors to previous douji Okina has had. [2] According to Okina, a Nishida is in charge of spirit[3], which Satono currently occupies.


She and Mai appear humanoid, but their species and Okina's extra dialogue indicate that the two currently aren't human,[4] and Yukari also points out that they're in the verge between human and youkai. [5]

Character Design


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Her full name is Satono Nishida (爾子田 里乃). The characters for Nishida (爾子田) mean, in order, the second person singular pronoun "you", "child" or "small", and "rice field". The character for "rice field" () is shared with the surname of her partner, Mai Teireida. Her given name, Satono (里乃) contains the character for "village", and an archaic form of the possessive particle (), meaning "of" or "from". Nishida also has the same pronunciation as a common Japanese surname (西田).


Similarly to Mai's design, she has light ginger hair, cut short with two long side locks, and purple eyes. She wears a Kazaori-eboshi, a smaller type of eboshi that has been folded. She wears a dotted magenta dress with short sleeves. Her sleeves have a black cuff and yellow lace. Her dress has a black high neck collar, connected to a white bertha collar tipped with yellow lace. She wears a rectangle white half apron fastened around her waist with the same yellow lace. There's a row of red buttons and bows across her bertha collar and her apron. She has black kneesocks and magenta shoes with short heels. She is shown to be holding a stalk of Myoga Ginger[6] with her left hand. Mai's as well as Satono's design and pose is presumably based off the clothing and pose of the two servants of Matara-jin as seen in this woodblock print. Her color scheme directly contrasts with that of Mai.



Hidden Star in Four Seasons
Satono's sprite in HSiFS

Emerging alongside their master, Okina, she orders her subordinates to find others worthy of serving her. To do so, they plant doors on the backs of others and empower them, to bring out their best and test them. What they don't know, however, is that they aren't searching for allies, like Okina told them, but for their own replacements.


Okina Matara

Okina is Mai and Satono's master. They are vessels of her power, acting as extensions of her and unflinchingly obeying her orders. They are becoming less human due to Okina's influence. They have little memory of their past, yet maintain their personality. Whether because they're no longer useful or she pities them, Okina seeks to replace them, which she has periodically. However, after failing to find successors, Okina says she is fine with retaining them. Satono and Mai do not know they are even searching for their own replacements.

Mai Teireida

Mai is a fellow subordinate under Okina.




Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 10
茗荷「フォゲットユアネーム」 Myouga Ginger "Forget Your Name" HSiFS St. 5: E/N/H/L
冥加「ビハインドユー」 Myouga Blessing "Behind You" HSiFS St. 5: E/N/H/L
舞符「ビハインドフェスティバル」 Dance Sign "Behind Festival" Co-owner with Mai HSiFS St. 5: E/N/H/L
狂舞「テングオドシ」 Mad Dance "Tengu-Odoshi" Co-owner with Mai HSiFS
St. 5: E/N
狂舞「狂乱天狗怖し」 Mad Dance "Frenzied Tengu-Frightening" Co-owner with Mai HSiFS St. 5: H/L
鼓舞「パワフルチアーズ」 Drum Dance "Powerful Cheers" Co-owner with Mai HSiFS St. Ex
狂舞「クレイジーバックダンス」 Mad Dance "Crazy Backup Dance" Co-owner with Mai HSiFS St. Ex
弾舞「二つ目の台風」 Bullet Dance "Twin Typhoons" Co-owner with Mai HSiFS St. Ex
茗荷「メスメリズムダンス」 Myouga Ginger "Mesmerism Dance" VD Wrong Wednesday - 3
冥加「ビハインドナイトメア」 Myouga Blessing "Behind Nightmare" VD
Wrong Wednesday - 5

Additional Information

  • The silhouette of Satono, along with Mai Teireida and Okina Matara, appear on the jewel case for Hidden Star in Four Seasons.
    • Mai and Satono are the first Windows-era non-final or extra bosses to appear on the game's jewel case.


Official Profiles

name  ○5面ボス  危険すぎるバックダンサーズ

  爾子田 里乃
  Nishida Satono

  丁礼田 舞
  Teireida Mai








Stage 5 Boss: The All-Too-Dangerous Backup Dancers

Satono Nishida
Mai Teireida

Species: Human (?)
Ability: Capable of drawing out people's mental energy by dancing behind them (Satono)
Ability: Capable of drawing out people's vitality by dancing behind them (Mai)

A pair whose purpose is to draw out the latent abilities of all things. Okina's subordinates.
They used to be regular human children, but due to Okina's magic power, they're becoming less and less human.
They hardly have any memory of their time as humans, and they dance in joyful madness.

However, their personalities are the same as when they were human. Mai is a scatterbrain, but she's quick to take action.
Satono is discreet, but slightly overconfident at times.

Their dances aren't meant for people to enjoy, and are in fact quite eccentric.
They dance all for Okina's sake, and take action all for Okina's sake.

The two of them don't know that the doors on people's backs are meant to search for their own successors.
Okina only told them that the doors are meant to search for more allies for the two of them.

If they did happen to find out the truth, what action would they take?
In all likelihood, they'd just keep doing the same thing.
They can hardly even imagine going against Okina's orders, after all.

They serve Okina as her loyal servants, but their abilities, too, are nothing more than an extension of Okina's.


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