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Scarlet Weather Rhapsody/Gameplay/Weather

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General Notes

During a match there is a timer displayed on the top, along with a weather. When the timer reaches 100 the weather will change to the displayed weather at the time when the number is reached. Knocking players down will cause red crystals to spawn, along with converting any of their projectiles into red crystals to be autocollected, and each crystal increases the timer by 0.5. Using the weather manipulation card while the timer is under 50 will change the weather from Clear to the currently displayed weather when the timer reaches 50.

Weather Types


WeatherKanjiClearWeather.png "気質"

Romanized: "Katagi" or "Kishitsu"
Meaning: "Spirit" or "Temperament"
Associated with: N/A
Color: Gray
Effects: None


WeatherKanjiSunny.png "快晴"

Romanized: "Kai Sei"
Meaning: "Pleasant Weather"
Associated with: Reimu Hakurei
Color: White
Effects: Border Escapes are free; flight cost is halved; turning radius during flight is decreased.


WeatherKanjiDrizzle.png "霧雨"

Romanized: "Kiri Same"
Meaning: "Drizzle" or "Light Rain"
Associated with: Marisa Kirisame
Color: Blue
Effects: Spellcard damage increases.


WeatherKanjiCloudy.png "曇天"

Romanized: "Don Ten"
Meaning: "Dull Cloudy Weather"
Associated with: Sakuya Izayoi
Color: White
Effects: Decreases spellcard cost by 1 and spellcard gauge increases more than usual.

Blue Sky

WeatherKanjiAzureSky.png "蒼天"

Romanized: "Sou Ten"
Meaning: "Azure Sky" or "Blue Sky"
Associated with: Youmu Konpaku
Color: White
Effects: Special attacks can be canceled into other special attacks.


WeatherKanjiHail.png "雹"

Romanized: "Hyou"
Meaning: "Hail" (Particularly used for bulky hailstones of a diameter greater than 5 millimeters)
Associated with: Alice Margatroid
Color: Blue
Effects: Spirit Orb recovery speed is doubled; increases damage of bullet attacks.

Spring Haze

WeatherKanjiSpringHaze.png "花曇"

Romanized: "Hana Gumori"
Meaning: "Clouds of Sakura Petals" or "Hazy Spring Weather"
Associated with: Patchouli Knowledge
Color: White
Effects: Players cannot use any melee attacks, though Special melee moves still can be used. The delay in spirit recharging after an attack is removed as well.

Heavy Fog

WeatherKanjiHeavyFog.png "濃霧"

Romanized: "Nou Mu" (Near homophone for "飲む" "to Drink" viz. Vampires)
Meaning: "Heavy Fog" or "Dense Fog"
Associated with: Remilia Scarlet
Color: Red
Effects: Vampirism; inflicting damage on an opponent restores a small bit of health to the player.


WeatherKanjiSnow.png "雪"

Romanized: "Yuki"
Meaning: "Snow"
Associated with: Yuyuko Saigyouji
Color: Blue
Effects: Getting hit reduces a player's spell gauge. If the meter for a slot is reduced to zero, the player's currently selected card is lost and returned to the deck.


WeatherKanjiSunshower.png "天気雨"

Romanized: "Tenki Ame"
Meaning: "Sun Shower" or "Sudden Rain during Clear Skies"
Associated with: Yukari Yakumo
Color: Red
Effects: Incorrectly blocked melee attacks result in an instant guard crush. Broken spirit orbs recover dramatically faster.


WeatherKanjiSprinkle.png "疎雨"

Romanized: "So Ame"
Meaning: "Sparse Rain" or "Light Sprinkle"
Associated with: Suika Ibuki
Color: Blue
Effects: All special moves are upgraded to Level 4 for the duration of the weather.


WeatherKanjiTempest.png "風雨"

Romanized: "Fūu"
Meaning: "Wind and Rain" or "Rainstorm"
Associated with: Aya Shameimaru
Color: Blue
Effects: Maximum Airdashes/Flys allowed increased by one, characters (except Alice) can HJC their melee attacks.

Mountain Vapor

WeatherKanjiMountainVapor.png "晴嵐"

Romanized: "Sei Ran"
Meaning: "Mountain Vapor" (Read separately as "晴" and "嵐" or "Clear Weather" and "Storm"; appropriately contradictory for the Rabbit with Lunacy-Inducing Eyes)
Associated with: Reisen Udongein Inaba
Color: White
Effects: Current spellcards are hidden with question marks.

River Mist

WeatherKanjiRiverMist.png "川霧"

Romanized: "Kawa Giri"
Meaning: "River Mist"
Associated with: Komachi Onozuka
Color: Blue
Effects: Causes players to be at a fixed distance from each other. If too close, they will be pulled apart; if too far away, they will be brought together.


WeatherKanjiTyphoon.png "台風"

Romanized: "Tai Fuu"
Meaning: "Typhoon" or "Hurricane"
Associated with: Iku Nagae
Color: Blue
Effects: Players don't flinch or enter hitstun from taking hits, but their actions will become delayed when hit and they cannot block. Bullet attacks can still be grazed.


WeatherKanjiAurora.png "極光"

Romanized: "Kyoku Kou" or "Kyokko"
Meaning: "Northern (or Southern) Lights" or "Aurora Borealis (or Australis)"
Associated with: Tenshi Hinanawi
Color: Red
Effects: Effect is that of a randomly selected weather.

Scarlet Perception

WeatherKanjiScarletSky.png "緋想天"

Romanized: "Hisou Ten"
Meaning: "Skies of Scarlet Perceptions"
Associated with: Tenshi Hinanawi
Color: Scarlet
Effects: Story Mode Weather/Unknown.