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Scarlet Weather Rhapsody/Story/Aya's Script

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Aya wins Reimu

Aya もしかして、この神社の御利益って
Hm, perhaps this shrine's blessing
is the discovery of new news material?

Aya wins Marisa

Aya さあさあ、私に構わず続けてください
Now, now, don't mind me,
just keep going about your sneak-thief business.

Aya wins Sakuya

Aya 凄いです! 貴方がここまでのジャグリングの名手だと知りませんでした! Amazing! I didn't know you were such a good juggler!

Aya wins Alice

Aya 今度、是非取材させてください
Next time, please let me interview you!
I want to see where you put the gunpowder in the dolls!

Aya wins Patchouli

Aya そうだ、新聞に今日のラッキー五行みたいなの載せてみません?
Ah, yes, why don't I start a "Lucky Five Phases" column in my newspaper?
Anything's fine.

Aya wins Youmu

Aya 剪定をその刀でやるんですよね!
Oh, you can even use that sword for pruning?
I'd love to dedicate an article to describing it!

Aya wins Remilia

Aya もう少し、強面の方が記事内容的には面白いと思います。
I think articles are more interesting with a little more aggressive personalities.
Why not give it a try?

Aya wins Yuyuko

Aya 死んだ人間による死んだ人間の為の新聞ってのも他誌との差別化には良いかも知れないですね I don't know if making a seperate newspaper or magazine for the dead is a good idea.

Aya wins Yukari

Aya 参考までに、外の世界の新聞も見てみたいです
I'd like to see a newspaper from outside for reference.
Don't you think that would be best for humor material?

Aya wins Suika

Aya そうそう壊れた神社、修復してあげたら如何でしょう?
Oh, yes, why don't we help fix up the broken shrine?
We could call up some old friends.
Aya 貴方が活動的だと、何か事件が起きている


Even though you are active,
I can't imagine you starting up incidents.

Are you hiding something?

Aya wins Reisen

Aya 兎とか新聞に出てると、なんか低俗な新聞になってしまった感がしますね…… I have a sense that my newspaper will become low-quality if I publish it about rabbits now ... ...[1]

Aya wins herself

Aya 新聞には自分の姿は出てきません
I can't write about myself in my own newspaper.
It would have to be done by some third party.

Aya wins Komachi

Aya そうだ、貴方も連載を持ちませんか?
Ah, yes, you'd like a serial feature, too, right?
I'm sure something on the week's dead would be popular!

Aya wins Iku

Aya 果たして、地震の完全予知は可能なのでしょうか?
Just as I thought, it's possible to predict earthquakes, isn't it?
I'm very interested in that.

Aya wins Tenshi

Aya 天界の貧しいと言われる料理が一体どの位貧しいのか興味は尽きないです I'm dying to know just how bad the fabled poor cuisine of Heaven is.

Aya wins someone

Aya 毎度お馴染み、射命丸です。
Hello, I'm the well known Miss Shameimaru.
I've come to bring you today's newspaper.
Aya 号外~、号外だよ~
Extra~ Extra~
Nothing big happened, but it's still an extra!

  1. Aya might be referencing a Playboy magazine which features a bunny on its cover.