Scarlet Weather Rhapsody/Story/Iku's Script

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Iku wins Reimu[edit]

Iku みんなから神社の心配をして貰えてるわ
Everybody's worried about you and your shrine.
Why don't you at least acknowledge that a little bit?

Iku wins Marisa[edit]

Iku いくらコソ泥だって、手を出してはいけない物もあります。
There are some things even a sneak-thief shouldn't try to get their hands on.
You should be careful when you're out stealing.

Iku wins Sakuya[edit]

Iku 時を止める貴方がいても皆が煙たがらないのは、料理が上手いから。
The reason nobody feels awkward around a time-stopper like you is because you're so good at cooking.
I wish you'd invite me to dinner too, once in a while.

Iku wins Alice[edit]

Iku いくら人形といっても、人型だけではやはり不気味です。
I know you're a doll maker, but it's a bit creepy to always make them human shaped.
Why not try making rabbits or fish sometime?

Iku wins Patchouli[edit]

Iku 図書館に籠もっていると精神衛生上よろしくありません Shutting yourself in the library is not good for your mental health.

Iku wins Youmu[edit]

Iku 余り剣を振り回して歩いていると、いつか刺されますよ? You'll cut yourself someday if you keep walking around swinging your sword like that.

Iku wins Remilia[edit]

Iku 余り我が儘言い過ぎると、いつか愛想を尽かされるかも知れません If you're too self-centered, you might wear out your welcome some day.

Iku wins Yuyuko[edit]

Iku 他人から理解されないのは、十割方その人の性格の問題です。
If others can't understand you, 10 times out of 10 it's your personality's fault.
That's not a good thing, you know?

Iku wins Yukari[edit]

Iku 脅かしていい気になっているようでは小さいです
To threaten as you become weaker,
such is the folly of a haughty youkai.

Iku wins Suika[edit]

Iku 誰もがお酒を楽しく呑める訳ではありません
Not everybody can enjoy drinking like you do.
It's important to take others' tastes into account, too, you know.

Iku wins Reisen[edit]

Iku 人を拒むような者にどうして人は寄りつきましょう How does someone come to stay with those that seemed to resist others?

Iku wins Aya[edit]

Iku 新聞の記事は、読む者に媚びてはいけません
A newspaper can't flatter its readers.
That's why nobody likes reporters.

Iku wins Komachi[edit]

Iku 馴れ馴れしい態度では時として嫌がられるでしょう
An overly familiar attitude can be grating at times.
On the other hand, it seems to be your strong point.

Iku wins herself[edit]

Iku 地震の心配は薄れてきたみたいだけど……
It seems the danger of earthquakes has faded, but ...
It's probably best to be prepared, all the same.

Iku wins Tenshi[edit]

Iku あ、こんな処にいたのですか
Ah, so this is where you were.
I've been looking for you!
Iku 例の件ですが……
I've said this before, but....
Lord Nai seems very angry now,
why don't you report to him by yourself for a change?

Iku wins someone[edit]

Iku 和をもって貴しとなす
Harmony is to be valued.
However, manners are necessary to maintain harmony.