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Scarlet Weather Rhapsody/Story/Komachi's Script

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Komachi wins Reimu

Komachi 神社が壊れたからって仕事をサボってはいないよね? The shrine's destroyed, so does that mean you're slacking off?

Komachi wins Marisa

Komachi 人間が天命から逃れる事
It's not exaggerating to say humans who flee from destiny are humans who forfeit being human.

Komachi wins Sakuya

Komachi 炊事に洗濯、掃除に戦闘、仕事頑張るねぇ From cooking to washing, cleaning to battling, you're quite hard working.

Komachi wins Alice

Komachi 首を吊ると小さな幽霊になってしまう
Hanged people become small phantoms,
'cause the part between their heads and bodies get thin.

(Possible reference to Alice's spellcard "Hanged Hourai Dolls".)

Komachi wins Patchouli

Komachi 名前を書くと死ぬ本とかね
A book that kills the person whose name was written on it.[1]
That'd be a convenient thing to have.

Komachi wins Youmu

Komachi ああ、最近幽霊の数が不自然に減った気がするな Ah, I feel the unnatural decrease of phantoms recently.

Komachi wins Remilia

Komachi 死んでもないのに棺桶に入ってるのかい?
You stuff yourself in coffins even though you're not dead?
That sounds tight, man.

Komachi wins Yuyuko

Komachi 冥界には季節があって面白いねぇ The seasons in the Netherworld sure are interesting.
Komachi そういえば、最近転生が少なすぎるって



Speaking of which, my boss said there are too few reincarnations lately.

When you're not busy, why don't you go look and fix up some appropriate phantoms for me?

What? It's okay if they're only shells, since it's hard for me if there are more humans around here.

Komachi wins Yukari

Komachi お前さんを乗せて舟を漕ぐのはいつになるかねぇ If I take you on my boat, I wonder how long I'd have to row?

Komachi wins Suika

Komachi お、お酒の匂いを嗅いじゃあ
Oh, I smell sake.
Can't work any more, nope.

Komachi wins Reisen

Komachi 私の距離を弄る能力は、幻視の様なチンケなもん
Even if there is an illusion, it cannot interfere with my distance.

Komachi wins Aya

Komachi へえ、三途の河の川幅ねぇ……
Ooh, the breadth of the Sanzu River....
This is interesting news.

Komachi wins herself

Komachi たまには自分を見つめ直すのも良いもんだ
It's a good idea to do some self-introspection every now and then
'Cause I'm still alive enough to do it.

Komachi wins Iku

Komachi おや、龍宮の使いとは珍しい
Oh, oarfishes are rare.
Don't see them much in my river.

Komachi wins Tenshi

Komachi さあ、楽しい寿命の時間だよ! It's time for a pleasant life!

Komachi wins someone

Komachi 寿命はことある毎に変わるんだよ
Every lifespan is different
That's why they're always missing something.

  1. A reference to the manga series, Death Note