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Scarlet Weather Rhapsody/Story/Reimu's Script

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Reimu wins herself

Reimu あんた誰? Who're you?

Reimu wins Marisa

Reimu 何が起きているか良く判らないけど
I don't really know what's happening,
but I'll resolve the incidents, so you just go back to sleep.
Reimu あんたがいるとジメジメして嫌ねぇ When you're here it becomes damp. I hate it.
Reimu そういえば、神社の下に良く蟻地獄の巣とか



Speaking of which, wasn't there a bunch of antlion nests beneath the shrine?

But just before the earthquake, I didn't see too many of them.

Was that also a sign of an earthquake?

Reimu wins Sakuya

Reimu 何か、神社だけ壊れると腹立たしいわね
Pisses me off that only the shrine collapsed.
It'd be great if your place collapsed too.
Reimu あんたの力 (時をいじるやつ)でも壊れたものは
With your power (person who messes with time), even if it's destroyed,
can't you just turn it back to normal?

Reimu wins Alice

Reimu ちゃんと人形供養してる?
Thought of holding services for dolls?
You know, there are lots of things possessing the stuff that's been made into human form.
Reimu 副業で人形供養を始めれば儲かるのかな?
I wonder if holding services for dolls on the side is profitable?
But holding services sounds more like something a temple would do.

Reimu wins Patchouli

Reimu あんたなら天気とか季節とか弄れるんじゃないの?
You wouldn't have any problem messing with the weather and the seasons, right?
That's not the problem, isn't it.

Reimu wins Youmu

Reimu 暑いわねぇ
It's so hot....
Mind lending me a phantom or two?
Reimu その辺の草刈りでもして行かない? Would you mind cutting the grass over there?

Reimu wins Remilia

Reimu 最近は大人しいわね
You're quiet lately.
Weak against the rain?

Reimu wins Yuyuko

Reimu あんたの家、雪が積もってるんだって?
Snow's piling up at your house?
That'll be messy once it melts.

Reimu wins Yukari

Reimu 神社って壊れても大丈夫だったのかな?


Is it alright even if the shrine has crumbled?

Well, buildings are only decoration.

Reimu あー、神社壊れちゃったよ
Argh, the shrine collapsed!
Though it couldn't really withstand wind and rain...

Reimu wins Suika

Reimu あんたの怪力で神社を直せないの? Can't you fix up the shrine with your strange strength?

Reimu wins Reisen

Reimu 今夜は兎鍋ね Tonight is rabbit stew!
Reimu そういえば、この間月の都に行ってきたけど……


By the way, I went to the capital of the moon a while ago.

Those folks are all more conservative than I thought!
Have they been too entrenched in tradition that they have forgotten to advance?

Reimu wins Aya

Reimu そうだ、新聞で神社再建の寄付金を募ってみようよ
Yeah, why don't you advertise in the paper for the shrine rebuilding fund?
You can call it a pious offering.

Reimu wins Komachi

Reimu あら油屋さん
Hello loiterer,
is it all right for you to loiter around here?

Reimu wins Iku

Reimu そうだ、余震は大丈夫なの?
Oh yeah, what about the aftershocks?
I hear that earthquakes summon other earthquakes.

Reimu wins Tenshi

Reimu さっさと神社を建て直す!
Hurry up and rebuild the shrine!
If you can't, a donation would be fine too.

Reimu wins someone

Reimu 天候がころころ変わると体調を崩しそうね Ever-changing weather is bad for the body.
Reimu ああもう
Ah, geez!
Where's the person who's gonna rebuild my shrine?