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Scarlet Weather Rhapsody/Story/Reisen's Script

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Reisen wins Reimu

Reisen 夜の神社ってよく肝試しに使われるでしょ?
Hasn't the shrine been used for gut-trials a lot at night?
I wonder why that is.

Reisen wins Marisa

Reisen 火力でも私に敵わないんじゃない? Even with firepower you can't match me, right?

Reisen wins Sakuya

Reisen 時を止めたって、幻覚は避けられないでしょ? Even if you stop time, you can't escape from the illusions, you know?

Reisen wins Alice

Reisen 貴方、人形にわざわざ眼を入れているよね?
Did you put eyes in your dolls on purpose?
Can the dolls see?

Reisen wins Patchouli

Reisen 貴方は目が悪い?
You say you have bad eyes?
Nah, people with bad eyes can see many different things.

[Like ghosts, visions, illusions.]

Reisen wins Youmu

Reisen 人間が見る幽霊の三分の一は恐怖から来る幻覚
When it comes to illusions, humans become scared from seeing even a third of a phantom
but most of them are 90% certain it was only a hallucination.

Reisen wins Remilia

Reisen いくら速く動いても、私の幻覚から逃れる事は
However fast you may go, there is no way you can escape from my illusions.
Reisen 貴女はもう月に行こうとか思わないわよね?

You're not thinking of going to the moon any more?

I've heard about the fate of your rocket.

[Silent Sinner in Blue]

Reisen wins Yuyuko

Reisen 怨霊の眼には何が見えているのでしょう?
What does the eye of a vengeful spirit see?
Why can they attack people?

Reisen wins Yukari

Reisen 貴方、神社は幻想郷にとって大切なんでしょ?
Hey you, isn't the shrine important to Gensokyo?
Is it okay to leave it like this?

Reisen wins Suika

Reisen 鬼……ねぇ
Well, I don`t see you very often.

Reisen wins herself

Reisen あら、今日も眼が充血している……
My, red eyes again....
Maybe I haven't had enough sleep.

Reisen wins Aya

Reisen 山の中で近代的な兵器を開発しているって聞いたわ
I heard there is modern weaponry being developed in the mountains.
So ridiculous!

Reisen wins Komachi

Reisen 死神が仕事をさぼっているのは平和の象徴
A shinigami who slacks on the job is a sign of peace...
is that really right?

Reisen wins Iku

Reisen 空を泳ぐなんて天女みたいですね
You can swim through the air like an angel
But your robe looks a bit torn up...

Reisen wins Tenshi

Reisen 桃ですか、へぇ懐かしいですね Peaches? Hmmm, it`s nostalgic.

[Her former masters, the Watatsuki sisters, keep peach trees in their yard.]

Reisen wins someone

Reisen 貴方は真っ直ぐ動いているつもりでも
You intended to move straight ahead
but from the start, you were dizzy.