Scarlet Weather Rhapsody/Story/Remilia's Script

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Remilia wins Reimu[edit]

Remilia ほう、神社が壊れたって?
So, the shrine was broken?,
Does that mean you're allowed to break those things?

Remilia wins Marisa[edit]

Remilia 雨を降らすような奴は邪魔だよ Go away, you rainmaker.

Remilia wins Sakuya[edit]

Remilia 退屈だねぇ
So bored.
Go get some interesting fellow here.

Remilia wins Alice[edit]

Remilia 折角人形作ってるんだからさぁ
If you're making dolls, why don't you make cuter ones?
You know, like Golems.

Remilia wins Patchouli[edit]

Remilia 私も自叙伝でも書こうかな
Maybe I should write an autobiography too.
An autobiography of my summer vacation.
Remilia そうそう、言い忘れてた



Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you.

I spilt black tea while I was reading a book in the library....

I wonder where I put that book?

Remilia wins Youmu[edit]

Remilia 何か、幽霊を使った冷房がトレンドって
I heard a rumor that it's a trend
to use phantoms for air conditioning...

Remilia wins herself[edit]

Remilia 長生きしたかったら運動は欠かせないね Can't go without exercise if I'm to live long.

Remilia wins Yuyuko[edit]

Remilia 雪なら怖くはないね
It's not scary if it's snow,
because it doesn't flow.[1]

Remilia wins Yukari[edit]

Remilia もっと外の人間を連れてくるざますよ
Bring in more humans from the outside.
Is this how it's done?

Remilia wins Suika[edit]

Remilia なんか、あんたから桃の匂いがする…… Why, you smell of peaches....

Remilia wins Reisen[edit]

Remilia あ、団子屋さん
Ah, the dango maker.
I'll take some Mitarashi dango.

Remilia wins Aya[edit]

Remilia なんなら新聞の社説欄を書いても良いよ?
If you like, could I write an editorial column in the newspaper?
It sounds interesting.

Remilia wins Komachi[edit]

Remilia あいにく河は渡れないんだよ
Unfortunately, I can't cross the river.
Too bad, huh?

Remilia wins Iku[edit]

Remilia そんなにふわふわじゃあキビキビ動けないよ Being so lighty and airy, you can't move energetically at all.

Remilia wins Tenshi[edit]

Remilia ちょっと地面が揺れたからって何だっていうの?
So what if the ground shakes a little?
I'll be fine once I'm under a table!

Remilia wins someone[edit]

Remilia うーむ、暇をつぶせる相手がいない…… Hmm, I can't see anyone to kill time on...

  1. Vampires are unable to cross flowing water