Scarlet Weather Rhapsody/Story/Sakuya's Script

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Sakuya wins Reimu[edit]

Sakuya 神社、どうやって建て直すつもり?
How are you planning to repair the shrine?
You're always welcome to borrow some of our fairy maids, should they be free.

Sakuya wins Marisa[edit]

Sakuya 森に見た事もない茸が生えてたわね
There are some mushrooms I've never encountered before growing this forest.
They wouldn't happen to taste well, would they?

Sakuya wins herself[edit]

Sakuya 私が勝ったから今夜のおゆはんは和食ね Since I've won, tonight's dinner will be Japanese-style.
Sakuya 私が勝ったから……
Since I've won...
Tonight's dinner will be assorted delicacies.

Sakuya wins Alice[edit]

Sakuya 人形に火薬を仕込んであるの?
Your dolls are filled with gunpowder?
That's hardcore.

Sakuya wins Patchouli[edit]

Sakuya あら、もうすぐお茶が沸きますよ Oh my, the tea is about to boil.

Sakuya wins Youmu[edit]

Sakuya その刀で料理をすれば良い客寄せパフォーマンスに
If you used that sword for cooking, I'm sure
it would make for a performance that would attract a great many customers.

Sakuya wins Remilia[edit]

Sakuya 最近、何かお変わりはございませんか? Have you perhaps noticed anything strange at all lately?
Sakuya 最近、食べ物が不自然に減るのです
Lately, our food supply has been getting smaller.
It almost seems as though somebody has been stealing it...
You can't do that just because you don't want to leave the mansion, okay?

Sakuya wins Yuyuko[edit]

Sakuya 幽霊って雪みたいに冷たいのですね Phantoms are cold like snow, aren't they?

Sakuya wins Yukari[edit]

Sakuya 神社がこのままでいいんですか?
Would it be acceptable to leave the shrine how it is?
Well, I suppose there's nothing that can be done about a natural disaster.

Sakuya wins Suika[edit]

Sakuya あら丁度良いところに……
Ah, perfect timing...
Could I borrow some sake from you?

Sakuya wins Reisen[edit]

Sakuya 兎の毛で突いた程にも痛くありません……が、
Being stabbed just a hair deep wouldn't hurt... though,
being stabbed in the eye at just a hair deep probably would hurt quite a bit.

Sakuya wins Aya[edit]

Sakuya 新聞紙はあると便利ですね
Newsprint is very convenient to have.
It wipes windows clean...

Sakuya wins Komachi[edit]

Sakuya 白鳥の形をした船とかにすれば三途の河が華やかに
If your boat were in the form of a swan, don't you think the River would look so much nicer?

Sakuya wins Iku[edit]

Sakuya 今夜のおゆはんはウナギにしようかなぁ……
Maybe I should make tonight's dinner eel...
Or maybe I shouldn't. I wonder what made me think that.

Sakuya wins Tenshi[edit]

Sakuya 桃はデザートにしか使えそうに無いですが……
A peach isn't particularly suited to be anything but dessert...
I actually think a ham would be much more appropriate.

Sakuya wins someone[edit]

Sakuya 今年の夏はおかしな天気ばかりでしたね This summer has been full of unusual weather.
Sakuya このまま冷夏が続くと秋の味覚が心配です If this cool summer continues, I'm worried about what fall will be like.