Scarlet Weather Rhapsody/Story/Suika's Script

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Suika wins Reimu[edit]

Suika 神社を壊すくらい私だって出来るよ!
Even I can bust up the shrine!
You need to break and build with more flash.

Suika wins Marisa[edit]

Suika ガラクタ集めてる?
協力してあげようか? 真のガラクタ集め
Are you collecting junk?
Want me to help? I'm a real junk collector.

Suika wins Sakuya[edit]

Suika 刃物は躰に刺さらなければ意味はないねぇ
What's the point if you can't stick the knives in something?
You should try peeling a nice, ripe peach or something!

Suika wins Alice[edit]

Suika もしかしてこの人形って全部手作り?
Are these dolls really all handmade?
That's really something.

Suika wins Patchouli[edit]

Suika ほれほれ、そんなところで寝ると
Hey, hey, if you're gonna fall asleep here,
I'll take you somewhere you don't wanna go!

Suika wins Youmu[edit]

Suika その剣で馬でも捌いてくれるのかい?
Hey, can you take care of horses with that sword, too?
Aw, this'll be great! A nice drink and horse skewers are perfect together.

Suika wins Remilia[edit]

Suika 動きに無駄が多いんじゃない?
Aren't your moves way too flashy?
I could probably block you in my sleep.

Suika wins Yuyuko[edit]

Suika 死んでるんだからそれらしくお酒でも呑んでたら? You can drink even though you are dying?

Suika wins Yukari[edit]

Suika いつになったら動くのかなぁなんて
Hm, I was wondering
when you'd be on the move.

Suika wins herself[edit]

Suika 慌てない慌てない
No rush, no rush!
Break time, break time!

Suika wins Reisen[edit]

Suika どんな幻覚だって酔っぱらいの私には効かないよ
Your illusions won't work on me when I'm drunk!
Drinking brings out my strongest power!

Suika wins Aya[edit]

Suika 天狗の内部事情も知りたいねぇ
I wanna hear more about tengu internal affairs ...
Maybe I'll just drop in and see what's going on some time ...

Suika wins Komachi[edit]

Suika お勤めご苦労さん
Hey, thanks for all your work.
I wonder if there's someone around here who's gonna die soon?

Suika wins Iku[edit]

Suika お、龍宮の使い
Oh, the messenger of the Dragon Palace.
How are the earthquakes coming?

Suika wins Tenshi[edit]

Suika 退屈なのは今に始まった事じゃないね
This boredom didn't just start recently.
The strong are always bored.
Suika 異変は脇から眺めているのが一番良いのかもねぇ



It's probably best to watch these incidents from the sidelines, you know?

It's too much trouble to jump in the middle of things.

Everyone is too weak anyway.
It's not like I wanted to get involved.

Suika wins someone[edit]

Suika あっけない
This is bad.
I'm sobering up.