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Scarlet Weather Rhapsody/Story/Tenshi's Script

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Tenshi wins Reimu

Tenshi 貴方は真っ直ぐすぎるね。曲全、つまり曲がっている
You are too straight forward. Compromise makes completeness. That is, if you bend your ways you can make your life more complete.
[From Daodejing]

Tenshi wins Marisa

Tenshi 何やら欲の奴隷となって物を集めているようね
Seems like you've become a slave of desire by collecting things.
If you want to find joy in life you should cherish the rejection of greed.
[Second line from Zuo Commentary]

Tenshi wins Sakuya

Tenshi 貴方がいくら努力しようと、悪魔の下では負の方向に
No matter how hard you work, all that effort is going the wrong way if you're working under the devil.

Tenshi wins Alice

Tenshi 人形を群と為すのならば、その戦略戦術は水の姿に
If you want your dolls to act in a group, then study the form of water for strategies and tactics.
Adaptiveness is the key to victory.
[Repeating what Sun Tzu advocates in the Art of War]

Tenshi wins Patchouli

Tenshi お前の読んでいる物は古人の糟魄(そうはく)のみ
What you're reading is only the scraps of the ancients.
The truly important things don't get recorded.
[Quoting the text of Zhuangzi]

Tenshi wins Youmu

Tenshi 好死は悪活にしかず。どんなに悪い生き方でも、死ぬ
A clean death is no better than a grim life. No matter how dismal your life is, it is better than death. Don't make light of life, phantom.
[From the Tongzupian, a Qing Dynasty collection of Chinese proverbs.]

Tenshi wins Remilia

Tenshi いつまでも部下が付いてくると思ってはいけないよ It's not good to think that your subordinates will follow you forever.

Tenshi wins Yuyuko

Tenshi 飽食終日、何も頭を使う事もない様では亡霊とはいえ
There's no salvation for a ghost who fills her stomach all day and doesn't use her head for anything!

[Partly referring to the Analects.]

Tenshi wins Yukari

Tenshi 清流の清濁はその源にある
The murkiness of the creek has its source.
You are the reason why the youkai of Gensokyo are so irresponsible.
[Quoting the Zhenguan Zhengyao.]

Tenshi wins Suika

Tenshi 酒は微酔に呑め
Drink while half drunk.
Getting wasted by binge drinking is the worst.
[First line from Caigentan]

Tenshi wins Reisen

Tenshi 懐と安とは実に名を敗る
Leisure and comfort are the ruin of reputation.
By seeking peace of heart, I see you are hindering your own growth.
[First line from Zuo Commentary]

Tenshi wins Aya

Tenshi ゴシップは智にあらず
Gossip is not wisdom.
If it is only written out of curiosity, newspapers make a negative effect on society.

Tenshi wins Komachi

Tenshi 良いね!
No matter how many times you come, I won't lose!
Tenshi お前はまだ死神の中では口が下手なようだねぇ


You still have an imprudent mouth for a Shinigami.

But it is unsettling the other Shinigami more and more.

Tenshi wins Iku

Tenshi 地震の心配なら杞憂だよ
No use worrying about earthquakes now,
I've put that in place, right?

Tenshi wins herself

Tenshi あー、勉強はめんどくさいなぁ
Ah, studying is such a chore...
Even if I learn all these things from the ancient people....

Tenshi wins someone

Tenshi 天人はたまに地上に降りて忠言するものよね
A celestial descends onto Earth to give advice.
Buuuut, for me they're all advice that can't be put to action.