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Scarlet Weather Rhapsody/Story/Youmu's Script

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Youmu wins Reimu

Youmu 神社には神霊がおわす筈だけど……
Shrines are supposed to have divine spirits within...
But nothing came out of yours even when it was destroyed, huh.

Youmu wins Marisa

Youmu 貴方には迷いが多すぎます
Your mind is too clouded.
You know you won't die a good death like this, do you?

Youmu wins Sakuya

Youmu 日本の刀は斬る事に特化しています
Japanese swords are specialized for killing.
They're much more fashionable than knives meant to be wasted.

Youmu wins Alice

Youmu 将を射んとせばまず馬を射よ
To shoot a general, aim for his mount.
Even if I slash between you and the dolls, the strings won't break....

Youmu wins Patchouli

Youmu 集中すれば気の流れだって斬る事が出来る
If I concentrate then I can even cut streams of energy.
It's meaningless no matter how many formations you set up.

Youmu wins herself

Youmu さて、今日のお稽古はおしまい Now then, today's training is done.

Youmu wins Remilia

Youmu 動きの速い者は眼を閉じた方が都合が良いって

Against agile movers you should shut your eyes, Lady Yuyuko said.

Is it because you can't see afterimages when your eyes are shut?

Youmu wins Yuyuko

Youmu お屋敷に雪が積もってますが……
The manor is covered with snow....
Is it okay to leave it like that?
Youmu そういえば前に漬けていた漬け物なんですけど……



Oh right, about the things I had pickled before....

Strangely, I leave them out for days or years but they don't ever change much.

And to think the food at the shrine becomes delicious after one day of pickling....

Youmu wins Yukari

Youmu あ、紫様
Ah, Lady Yukari.
Strange things are happening all over the place... Could it be?

Youmu wins Suika

Youmu 聞きましたよ?

I've heard about it, you know.
That the oni are skilled even in their construction.

How is the shrine coming along?

Youmu wins Reisen

Youmu 眼が赤い兎には、世の中が全て赤く見えるので
Does a red-eyed rabbit see everything in the world red?

Youmu wins Aya

Youmu 新聞記者って、そんなに被写体に干渉していいもん
Is it really okay for a newspaper reporter to interfere with their photo subjects like that?

Youmu wins Komachi

Youmu 何か幽霊が少なくなってるんですよ……
The phantoms are getting fewer....
But I wouldn't think that you're actually doing work anyhow.

Youmu wins Iku

Youmu 貴方は何の目的があって空を泳いでいるのですか?
For what reason are you swimming in the sky?
Could it be, dieting?

Youmu wins Tenshi

Youmu 天界、全然飽和状態じゃないじゃ無いですか
Looks to me that Heaven isn't saturated at all.
The Netherworld is far more crowded if this is all there is.

Youmu wins someone

Youmu 刀も斬ってばかりだと血糊がついて
If a sword's been used to cut so much that it became tainted with clotted blood,
it becomes useless.
Youmu 何かすっきりしない時は取り敢えず斬ってみる事ね! If there is something I can't make clear, I try cutting it!