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Scarlet Weather Rhapsody/Story/Yuyuko's Script

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Yuyuko wins Reimu

Yuyuko 神社は何度も生まれ変わるのが正しいの
No matter how many times a shrine is reborn, it's still righteous.
So it's okay that it broke.

Yuyuko wins Marisa

Yuyuko 森は一度死ぬともう二度と元の姿には戻らない
The forest will never return to its original state once it dies.
Cherish the rain.

Yuyuko wins Sakuya

Yuyuko 時間は極まれば反り、満ちれば損じます
Time reverses at the extremes and breaks at the fullest.
Stopping time at will like that is not a good thing.

Yuyuko wins Alice

Yuyuko 人形なんて何匹死んでも何とも思わないものね
Nobody thinks much of the dolls no matter how many of them die.
It is wise of you to detonate them before they get possessed by spirits!

Yuyuko wins Patchouli

Yuyuko 暑い時は熱いお茶を飲む
When it's hot, you drink hot tea.
Ufufu, even though you drink hot tea when it's cold too.

Yuyuko wins Youmu

Yuyuko あら、屋敷の雪かきは終わったのかしら? Ah, you finished clearing the snow in the manor?

Yuyuko wins Remilia

Yuyuko 日は必ず昇る
The sun always rises.
Your weak point comes around once every day.

Yuyuko wins herself

Yuyuko 素敵忍法、分身の術~ Fantastic Ninja Art, Clone Technique~[1]

Yuyuko wins Yukari

Yuyuko あら紫
Ah Yukari,
want to have some snow-viewing sake in summer?

Yuyuko wins Suika

Yuyuko あら、花火なんて夏らしいわ Ah fireworks, feels like summer.
Yuyuko 夏の風物詩といえば……



Speaking of summer activities...

It has got to be that game where you cover your eyes and smash something with a club.


[Suika is also Japanese for "watermelon". Watermelon-smashing is supposedly a common thing to do on Japanese beaches; plays like piñatas in the West.]

Yuyuko wins Reisen

Yuyuko 笹しか食べない生き物がいるって……
Animals that eat nothing but bamboo grass...
No way.

Yuyuko wins Aya

Yuyuko 幽霊の為の新聞とかあれば面白そうね
A newspaper for phantoms seems like it would be interesting.
How about it; want to try making one?

Yuyuko wins Komachi

Yuyuko あら、こんな処まで乗客探し?
Ah, looking for passengers this far out?
You sure are passionate about your work.

Yuyuko wins Iku

Yuyuko 地震は大地のひずみを正す為には必要な事
Will we need another earthquake to set the ground straight?

Yuyuko wins Tenshi

Yuyuko ネクターってお酒、飲んでみたいわー
I'd like to drink that nectar sometime.
It's supposed to have a sweet flavor, yes?

Yuyuko wins someone

Yuyuko あれ、もう終わりなんてずるいわね Huh? No fair, ending so soon.


  1. Possibly referring to the Japanese name of a Yu-Gi-Oh! trap card, known as "Ninjitsu Art of Duplication" elsewhere.