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The Hifuu Club (秘封倶楽部 Hifuu Kurabu, lit. Secret Sealing Club) refers to a group in the Outside World with two incarnations at different points in time. Generally, it takes interest in paranormal and other worlds.

General Information


In near-future Kyoto, the Hifuu Club consists of college students Renko Usami and Maribel Hearn. They are the protagonists in the attached stories of all of ZUN's music albums, with the exception of Dolls in Pseudo Paradise.

The club describes themselves as a club for necromancers, but mainly they investigate the existence of the paranormal and other worlds; apart from that it's just a normal club. Specifically, they're interested in Gensokyo, the Netherworld, and the Moon, and seem to be among the few humans from the outside world who know of Gensokyo's existence.

Present Day

In Urban Legend in Limbo, it is revealed that a high-school circle known as the Hifuu Club exists in Japan in 2015. Its president is Sumireko Usami‎, who originally created it as a way to avoid making friends.

This club's activities seem more or less the same as those of the future version.