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Seija Kijin

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鬼人 (きじん)  正邪 (せいじゃ)
kʲid͡ʑiɴ seːd͡ʑa
Seija Kijin
Seija Kijin
Seija Kijin in Impossible Spell Card
Counterattacking Amanojaku
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Turn over anything


Shining Needle Castle

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"Okay, that does it! This isn't the time to run away or hide, I'll make enemies out of them all!"
Seija Kijin (Impossible Spell Card, 8th Day)

Seija Kijin (鬼人 正邪 Kijin Seija) is the main antagonist of Double Dealing Character, as well as the main protagonist of Impossible Spell Card and the minigame Gold Rush. She's an amanojaku with the power to turn over anything. She resides in the Shining Needle Castle.

General Information

Seija first appeared as the fifth stage boss of Double Dealing Character, and was behind the main plot of the game. Her main objective was to overthrow society, and to make the weak rule over the strong. She then appeared as the main protagonist in Impossible Spell Card.


She thinks the opposite of what other people think, likes what others hate, and hates herself when she makes others happy. She's inclined to be purposely disobedient and avoids being charitable. In general, no one liked her, and she liked that fact. She also tends to be talkative.


Turn over anything

As literally stated, Seija is able to turn over anything into its opposite state. This can be seen in her Spell Cards that flip the screen horizontally, vertically, and 180 degrees.


Throughout Impossible Spell Card, Seija acquires nine different magical items imbued with the Miracle Mallet's magic. Each of them has effects that are beneficial to the user. They are the Nimble Fabric, Tengu's Toy Camera, Gap-Folding Umbrella (which she stole from Yukari), Bloodthirsty Yin-Yang Orb, Four-Foot Magic Bomb, Ghastly Send-Off Lantern, Substitute Jizo, Cursed Decoy Doll, and the Miracle Mallet Replica. It's unknown what happened to them after the events of the game.


Seija was the one who originally found the Miracle Mallet. Once she realized it contained the power to realize her ambition, she sought out an inchling named Shinmyoumaru Sukuna, as inchlings are the only ones able to use it. In order to draw Shinmyoumaru to her own side, she made up a story about how the inchling race was humiliated for ages, blaming the youkai for their downfall. She got Shinmyoumaru to agree with her plan.

Character Design


Her name is Seija Kijin (鬼人 正邪). Her first name Seija (正邪) can be loosely translated as "good and evil" or "right and wrong." Her last name Kijin (鬼人) is spelled with characters meaning "oni" and "human". "" and "" are both characters that make up the name of her species: Amanojaku (天邪鬼). Although her given name has the character for "oni," and her species is often depicted as a type of oni in Japanese folklore, amanojaku in the Touhou Project are a separate species. Both her first and last names reference her ability, as each is composed of two kanji with opposite meanings: human/oni and right/wrong.


Seija has red eyes and black hair with white highlights in the back and a single red highlight on her front bangs, although in Impossible Spell Card she has a single white highlight, with multiple red highlights. Her hair reaches down to her shoulders. She has two small, light blue horns, and she wears a white dress that ends in gray, red, and black spade patterns that may symbolize her ability, as they look like arrows pointing downward and upward depending on the perspective. The dress is wrapped at the waist with an upside-down blue bow. She wears traditional sandals with purple straps. She also wears a gold-colored bracelet on her right arm.


Double Dealing Character
Seija's sprite in DDC

Seija is the stage 5 boss, residing in the Shining Needle Castle. At first, she thinks the heroine is there to ally with them, and explains her plan to overthrow society. However, she quickly gets irritated with the heroine's perceived lack of empathy for the "plight of the weak", and attacks. After she is defeated, she guides the heroine deeper into the castle, but is beaten again in order to get to Shinmyoumaru.

Impossible Spell Card
Seija's back sprite in ISC

Seija is the main protagonist and only playable character in Impossible Spell Card. Following the events of Double Dealing Character, she has become a wanted amanojaku in Gensokyo. There have been signs saying that whoever captures her wins a reward, resulting in characters like Kagerou Imaizumi and Raiko Horikawa trying to capture her. Since Seija has become a rebel, the youkai decide to use spell cards that are considered impossible to dodge, but Seija is determined to not give up and decides to cheat using items.

Later on however, Mamizou Futatsuiwa confronts her and says that the tengu (presumably Aya Shameimaru and Hatate Himekaidou) have taken notice of her and have written up a newspaper about her mischief. This causes stronger youkai and humans such as Marisa Kirisame, Sakuya Izayoi, Sanae Kochiya, and Youmu Kompaku to try and capture her. Shinmyoumaru Sukuna also confronts her and declares that she should return the remainder of the Mallet's magic and that they've lost the war that occurred during Double Dealing Character. Seija believes that she can use her cheating magic to conquer Gensokyo. Shinmyoumaru states that they ought to surrender because she has had enough. Since Seija goes against her will, Shinmyoumaru goes against Seija and gets others to capture her, becoming one of the many to try and stop Seija.

In the end, it's revealed that Seija has lost all of her allies, but it's nothing to worry about because the amanojaku can never really make friends anyway.

Gold Rush

Seija again appeared as the only playable character in Gold Rush. Extending from Impossible Spell Card, somehow acquiring the ultimate rule-breaking item, Seija sets about robbing the Hakurei Shrine. She uses two "cheat" items; the Substitute Jizo from the previous game and the 10th "rule-breaking" item, the Miracle Mallet (Real), which is capable of destroying danmaku. She has to make use of it before its power runs out. This is somewhat similar to Cirno's "perfect freeze" in Fairy Wars. Unlike ISC however, Seija cannot shoot.


Shinmyoumaru Sukuna

Seija initially approached Shinmyoumaru Sukuna to persuade her to use the Miracle Mallet for her own ends. In order to do so, she falsified a history of the inchlings to turn the girl against society.

As mentioned above, during the events of Impossible Spell Card, Shinmyoumaru attempted to convince Seija to surrender to her pursuers, and to return the portion of the Mallet's power that she seized. When Seija refused, the two ended up fighting.

Despite this, the two were on good terms as of The Grimoire of Usami, with Shinmyoumaru requesting Seija's help to hijack the Hakurei Fireworks Contest.

Minor Relationships

Benben Tsukumo and Yatsuhashi Tsukumo

Though no dialogue is exchanged between them, Seija appears to understand the heroine when they mention that a koto or biwa tsukumogami told them about her plan. As they all have the same objective, it is likely that they know each other. However, Seija's reaction implies that she didn't realize the extent of the "payment" of the Miracle Mallet's power - that is, changing many objects into tsukumogami without the user intending to do so.





Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 9
欺符「逆針撃」 Deceit Sign "Reverse Needle Attack" DDC St. 5: E/N/H/L
逆符「鏡の国の弾幕」 Reverse Sign "Danmaku Through the Looking-Glass" DDC St. 5: E/N
逆符「イビルインザミラー」 Reverse Sign "Evil in the Mirror" DDC St. 5: H/L
逆符「天地有用」 Reverse Sign "This Side Down" DDC St. 5: E/N
逆符「天下転覆」 Reverse Sign "Overturning All Under Heaven" DDC St. 5: H/L
逆弓「天壌夢弓」 Reverse Bow "Dream Bow of Heaven & Earth" DDC St. 5: E/N
逆弓「天壌夢弓の詔勅」 Reverse Bow "Decree of the Dream Bow of Heaven & Earth" DDC
St. 5: H/L
逆転「リバースヒエラルキー」 Turnabout "Reverse Hierarchy" DDC
St. 5: E/N
逆転「チェンジエアブレイブ」 Turnabout "Change Air Brave" DDC St. 5: /H/L

Additional Information

  • The silhouette of Seija occupies on the front of Impossible Spell Card's jewel case.
  • Some parts of Seija's theme are symmetrical making it sound similar to itself when played reversed (much like Koishi's theme); this is probably a reference to her ability to turn things over and to the theme name itself: Reverse Ideology.
  • Apparently the relationship of the main villains of Double Dealing Character, Seija and Shinmyoumaru, is vague. But it might be a little wrong. it is said that amanojaku (or Ama-no-Jaku) is rooted in a female deity of Japanese mythology, Ame-no-Sagume. In the age Ama-tsu-kami (God Clan in Heaven) and Kuni-tsu-kami (God Clan on Ground) were in battles. then Ama-tsu-kami sent a god Ame-no-Wakahiko for "negotiation". But he neither came back nor took a message — he married there and had no will to be on the side of Ama-tsu-kami; he switched or reverted his side. And it was Ame-no-Sagume who later gave advice to him that he should shoot Ama-tsu-kami's spy. This shows some resemblances of Ame-no-Sagume and amanojaku (or Seija): they are a traitor's friend, and their seducer. Another point, remember that Shinmyoumaru's root from Japanese mythology is Sukunahiko, who created the kingdom of Kuni-tsu-kami with Ookuninushi, where Ame-no-sagume lived as above. This means we can see that Shinmyoumaru's rooted god (or Shinmyoumaru's first ancestor) had taken part in Kuni-tsu-kami's side by far before Seija's rooted god (Ame-no-Sagume) appeared.
  • In her profile, the term Gekokujō (下克上, also 下剋上) is a Japanese term for "overthrowing/surpassing one's superiors". It is variously translated as "the lower rules the higher" or "the low overcomes the high".


Official Profiles

Seija DDC  ○5面ボス 逆襲のあまのじゃく

  鬼人 正邪(きじん せいじゃ)
  Kijin Seija






Stage 5 Boss - Counterattacking Amanojaku

Kijin Seija

Species: Amanojaku
Ability: Capable of turning over anything

An amanojaku that schemed for the lower to rule the higher.
Amanojaku aren't oni, but just a particularly twisted type of youkai.

She's always thinking the opposite of what other people think.
She likes what people hate, and falls into self-loathing when she makes them happy.
She never listens to orders. Even if she profits off something, she doesn't give anything in return.
It was only natural that humans and youkai disliked her, but she was happy to be disliked.

Her ambition was to turn over Gensokyo.
She wanted to smash the current stable Gensokyo where the strong ruled the land,
and change it into one where the weak had more value.

However, she didn't have the power to do that.
Then, she laid her eyes upon the treasure of the inchlings, the "Miracle Mallet".

Official Sources

Official sources