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(せい) (らん)
The Pale Blue Eagle Ravi
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Moon rabbit


Firing bullets from other dimensions


Unknown, at least 53 years old. [1]


Lunarian military infiltrator (formerly)
Dango Salesgirl (currently)



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"This is Seiran.
I've made contact with a belligerent earthling.
Now proceeding with purification."

Seiran (Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom Stage 1)

Seiran (清蘭 Seiran) is a moon rabbit who appears as the stage 1 boss in Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom.

General Information[edit]


It seems that it's hard for her to hold a regular conversation, even with her Moon Rabbit comrades, implying that she's either shy or doesn't get much respect from her fellow moon rabbits. She was making mochi for them despite being on break [2] , which confirms the latter.


Firing bullets from other dimensions

Not much is known about the specifics of the abilities, other than to fire bullets from other dimensions. From what she can do, it implies that there's some form of teleportation going on.


Seiran was a member of the "Eagle Ravi" Earth Recon Unit sent to "purify" the Earth and is part of the Lunarian Military Infiltrators. She's in charge of the Infiltration operations, one of the most dangerous jobs. Seiran doesn't get much respect, being treated as cannon fodder [2]. No reinforcements come to her aid and would've been slain if she blurted out the location of her base. [3] She doesn't get paid much despite the risks. After the events of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom she abandons the Moon and came to Gensokyo, now being a Dango salesgirl.


Seiran possesses a hammer-shaped pounding mallet, which she uses to pound mochi as well as fire danmaku. It's unknown if she could also use it as a melee weapon.

Character Design[edit]


Seiran (清蘭) is spelled with the characters for sei () "clear, pure, clean", and ran () "orchid" a plant of the orchid family, bearing unusually-shaped flowers of beautiful colours; it could also means "elegant, graceful". Seiran is also the name for a Japanese attack floatplane used during World War 2, the Aichi M6A1.


Seiran has dark blue hair, tied in two bushy ponytails, with ears similar to Reisen Udongein Inaba's on the top of her head and an accessory in one of them, she has red eyes, a common trait in Moon Rabbits. Her dress is periwinkle with frills and an alternating star and crescent moon pattern across the bottom. The bloomers under her skirt seem to be made of see-through fabric. She also carries a purple stained wooden mallet (presumably used for making Mochi). Although it's not visible in her portraits, she also has a tail.[4]


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Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

After meeting the protagonists, she decides to fight against them as her mission to purify the Earth, but when she is defeated she complains about being in the ground troops and lets the player continue to their base.

Seiran's sprite in LoLK


Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia

Aya Shameimaru reports the competition between Seiran and Ringo of who sells more dango in the Human Village. Aya claims Ringo is winning but that she supports Seiran, although she explains that she does it because she always wants to support the weak part.



Along with Ringo both are members of the "Eagle Ravi" Earth Recon Unit sent to "purify" the Earth. After the events of Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom they both deserted the moon and became business rivals as Dango salesgirls.

Reisen Udongein Inaba

She seem to have known Reisen before she fled to Gensokyo as both were part of the Lunarian Military.



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