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Sengoku Gensokyo

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Sengoku Gensokyo
Sengoku Gensokyo

Coolier (クーリエ)


Coolier (クーリエ)


2007 (Comiket 73)


Visual Novel Conquest Simulation Game


Single-player Story mode, Unlockable Extra modes


Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista


1GHz CPU, 512MB RAM, 700MB HDD, 800x600 Resolution

Sengoku Gensokyo (戦国幻想郷) is a conquest simulation/visual novel hybrid similar to Sengoku Rance by AliceSoft. The player (as Reimu) must roam Gensokyo and take over territories while maintaining and expanding an army of Touhou and generic characters.


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Sengoku Gensokyo plays out in a turn based setting, where you have 2-3 actions per turn in which you may attack enemy strongholds, develop your strongholds to increase your monetary gain per turn, or perform various events such as declaring war and talking with members of your army. Attacking and capturing enemy strongholds is done in a team based RPG style, with each team having up to five members. Turns are ordered by individual character speed, and both sides of the army have a turn limit counter which depletes with each action taken. Things such as attacking or making strategic movement only consume small amounts of the counter, while some special actions can be very costly. Distance between your characters and the various enemies during battle is an important strategic tool that controls which actions you or your enemy may take, as well as what type of attacks (melee or ranged) you will perform. The goal is to capture all of an army's strongholds to defeat the army and take their commanding officers prisoner.


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The story sets the player as Reimu Hakurei into a situation where Gensokyo has been divided up into various warring states. The ever mischievous Yukari Yakumo, the culprit behind the start of this war game, has sent out letters to all of the major factions of the world laying out the rules of the game and promising to grant one wish for the winning team.

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