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Shanghai Doll

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上海人形 (しゃんはいにんぎょう)
ɕaɰ̃haiɲiŋɡʲoː (♫)
Shanghai Doll



Unknown (Destructive magic?)


A doll used in one of Alice's spell cards


Forest of Magic

Official Games

The Shanghai Doll (上海人形 shanhai ningyou) or Shanghai (上海) for short, is Alice Margatroid's doll. She is the only doll that Alice is known to have a name for.[1] Generally "Shanghai" refers to the doll Alice is always accompanied with. However the relationship between her and Alice in canon is vague and not clear. Her images of characteristics (including the name, appearance and personality) come from secondary works. The name "Shanghai Doll" first appeared in Alice's Curse "Eerily Luminous Shanghai Dolls" spell cards (spell cards 041, 042, and 043 of Perfect Cherry Blossom).

Character Basis


The name Shanghai is a reference to a class of Alice's dolls. Coincidentally, the term "Shanghai Doll" was popularized in one phrase of Yellow Magic Orchestra's song "Chuugoku Onna" (Chinese Woman, 中国女. Official title is "La femme chinoise", a parody of Jean-Luc Godard's "La Chinoise"); "For Susie Wong and Shanghai dolls". Shanghai is a city in China, and all of Alice's spell cards with names in Perfect Cherry Blossom were named after cities or countries.


In the game usually a doll is drawn next to Alice; this doll is commonly regarded as Shanghai, but it is not indicated in canon whether it is her. This entry describes the appearance of Alice's doll in general.

The sprite of a doll in Perfect Cherry Blossom shows that her dress and shoes are dark red and she has a set of four fairy-like wings.

In Immaterial and Missing Power's official art, a doll wears a long dark purple dress with a white apron and white sleeves, and matching dark purple shoes. There is a large red bow in her hair and a smaller matching bow around her neck.

In Scarlet Weather Rhapsody's official art, a doll has blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a back colored dress with a white apron with black sleeves. The bows on her head and dress are colored in a lighter red and she appears to be holding a razor.


Perfect Cherry Blossom

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Alice Margatroid (Puppeteer)
Hourai (Fellow Doll in fanworks)


Additional Information

  • It may be purely coincidental that Shanghai and Alice are the creations of Team Shanghai Alice.


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