Shanghai Alice Correspondence ver 2.7

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「殺しも巫女もMで始まる」 Both Murder and Maiden start with M
もしかしたら気が付いていないのかも知れない。今回の異変は普通の人間には気付き難いが… ……このままじゃぁ、いつものアレが楽しめないじゃないか! This incident probably went by undetected by most humans... But at this rate, it wouldn't be possible to enjoy their usual antics!
おぉ、漸く動き始めた様だな。それにしても真夜中に動き始めるなんて、いつも以上に騒々しい巫女だ。 Oh, looks like she's finally taking action, and during the middle of the night, no less. The shrine maiden's rowdier than before.
"Fantasyyyyyy Ooooorb!" *Bam-bam, crash!*
It's practically like she's put to rest a human that won't die.
よく見たら今回はいつもと何か違う。いつも以上に騒々しいだけじゃない。 まぁ良い。明日にはこの騒ぎも収まるだろう。僕は安心して就寝出来るという物だ。 There's definitely something different if you look close enough. It's not just that things are more clamorous than usual. However, I'm sure everything will still be settled by tomorrow. I can put my mind to ease and sleep soundly.
そういえば、他の人間は先代を『博麗の巫女』と呼んでいたが、あまり霊夢の事を巫女とは呼ばない。まともに仕事をしていないからであろう。自業自得だ。 Now that I think of it, while the other humans called Reimu's predecessors "Hakurei shrine maidens", they really don't call Reimu herself a shrine maiden. I believe it's because she doesn't take her duties seriously. You reap what you sow, after all.
だが、先代は、巫女としか呼ばれていなかったのだ。名前も忘れてしまった。 But the predecessors were only called "shrine maidens". Everyone forgot their real names.


Skill begets stability, which others will recognize. However, that means you refute change and you conceal yourself behind your abilities. It is my opinion that technique is equivalent to self-denial.
…まぁ僕は、何も変化しない安定した生活を送りたいのだが。 ...Although, I do prefer to live a steady, unchanging life.
「何よ! むそーふーいん!! バンバンバンバンバン…… タン!」 というか安眠させて欲しい。 "Enough! Fantasyyy Seeeeeeeal! *Bam-bam-bam-bam... BOOM!"
I just wish it would quiet down enough so I could go to sleep.
霖之助 Rinnosuke

上海アリス通信 ver 2.7

Shanghai Alice Correspondence ver. 2.7

樂団長 ZUN Team Shanghai Alice Leader ZUN
多分始めましてZUNです。 今回は(地球に優しくない)紙で通信。


東方第八弾 人妖弾幕幻夜
Nice to maybe meet you. This is ZUN. This correspondence is being sent by (environmentally-unfriendly) paper. It's a preview for the eighth Touhou Project game. (Nothing in it has anything to do with in-game events, see?)
The eighth Touhou Project game: Human-Youkai Danmaku Night

「東方永夜抄 ~ Imperishable Night」


"Touhou Eiyashou - Imperishable Night
Two will stop the night.

体験版 春頃Web上で
製品版 夏コミにて発表予定。

A demo will go on the website sometime in spring.
The full version will be released at the next Summer Comiket.


ちょっと変わったシステムを入れているので調整がなかなか……。ストーリーは総集編というか番外編みたいな感じかな。 これぞ東方!ってゲームになっています。(なって良いの?)

I tried to get the demo for the last game finished too soon so it wasn't on time, so I'm only releasing a notice this year. I'm creating a different system this time around so making the necessary adjustments is pretty rough... The plot feels something like a compilation series of stories or side-stories. It'll be like "The definite Touhou game!" or something (Is that a good idea?). I hope you see you again in the trial version of Imperishable Night. Let's make 2004 another good year.