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shin (alternatively, SHIN) is a veteran Touhou player who has competed in the series since at least 2004. He is proficient in several games of the series, but most of all Undefined Fantastic Object, where this player holds 17 world records as of March, 2012.

shin has participated in LunarDial's Perfect Cherry Blossom score trials where he placed second (after HS参謀) in Normal mode compo.

Undefined Fantastic Object accomplishments[edit]

shin has been the only player to break 2 billion on the game's Easy mode under any circumstances, and did so with both Marisa-A (on 2011/03/23) and Sanae-B (on 2011/06/14), showcasing extreme grazing precision and an up-to-date UFO summon route tailored specifically for high graze counts. Similarly, he has been the only player to attain over 1.8 billion with Reimu-A/B.

He is one of the few players to have attained over 2.4 billion on Normal mode of the game; furthermore, he has achieved it with low-tier characters such as Reimu-A/B and Sanae-A. His Sanae-B score from 2012/02/07—the highest registered on this mode—stands at 2,832,214,230 points.

shin has been the only player to legitimately break 3 billion points in the game, accomplishing this with Marisa-A/B and Sanae-A/B on Hard mode, and both Marisa-A and Marisa-B on Lunatic mode, besting yukarin's previous Marisa-B Lunatic highscore by almost 400 million. By the middle of 2012 he has pushed both his Sanae-B and Marisa-B's score on Hard mode to 3.2 billion, and by 2012/11/12 he has achieved 3,292,353,200 in Lunatic with Marisa-A, besting any other Lunatic record by a large margin, despite a few noticeable mistakes. shin hasn't submitted any Extra scores so far.

Notable player records[edit]

See Undefined Fantastic Object world records and Royalflare scoreboard's record history.

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