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Sin Gyoku, Shingyoku

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The three sprites of SinGyoku in Highly Responsive to Prayers
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Near the Hakurei Shrine

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SinGyoku appears as Reimu Hakurei approaches the gates to Hell and Makai in Highly Responsive to Prayers, where the two battle. Next to nothing is known about this enemy, as it does not exchange dialog with Reimu and has no official profile. Judging from its appearance, SinGyoku is likely related in some way to the Hakurei Shrine.

Character Design


Its name is SinGyoku. There is no official kana of SinGyoku, however it is commonly written in the Japanese fanbase as Shingyoku (シンギョク), but it is unknown whether the "si" () part of the name is really prounounced "shi" or not. There is a possible kanji conversion to show shingyoku (神玉). Shin () means "God" since a likely connexion is the fact that SinGyoku is shown at the Hakurei Shrine, and Gyoku () means "ball", a reference to its yin-yang form.


SinGyoku seems to have three different forms from the sprites in Highly Responsive to Prayers:

  1. a large, brown Yin-Yang with red markings. One side seems to be transparent. Has a strong resemblance to the Yin-Yang Orb.
  2. a female priestess(?) in red robes with long, flowing red hair, horns, and glowing red eyes.
  3. a male priest(?) in white and blue robes with glowing red eyes. It has a slight resemblance to a feudal souhei or a onmyouji (陰陽師).

Should SinGyoku's 3rd form be a male priest, then he would be the first male character to appear in a Touhou game, with Genjii and Sokrates appearing after him. Also, SinGyoku's "male" form is one of the only PC-98 characters whose hair and eyes are not the same colour. The only other PC-98 characters with this trait are Elis and Konngara. This is due to the 16-colour limit the PC-98 hardware imposes on the other PC-98 characters.

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