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Shining Shooting Star

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Shining Shooting Star
Shining Shooting Star.jpg



July 2015 (trial) / 9 June 2016 (full)


Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game


Single-Player Story Mode


Windows XP/Vista/7

Official Site

Release thread

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Dōngfāng xià yèjì(Summer Night Festival) ~ Shining Shooting Star (东方夏夜祭 ~ Shining Shooting Star) is a Chinese Touhou Project fangame made by 雨夜枫雪制作组.


Shining Shooting Star issues 4 playable characters: Reimu Hakurei (paired with Shinmyoumaru Sukuna), Marisa Kirisame, Sanae Kochiya and Koishi Komeiji.

The gameplay system is based around filling a gauge by gathering star items. When the gauge is full, a border activates, with different effects based on the color of the gauge.


One summer, Gensokyo had been experiencing meteor showers for several nights in a row. The meteors' fragments contained magical power that could make one feel happy by just looking at them. As a result, the meteor showers would come to be referred to as a "miracle"; Rumors began to spread that the meteors could make dreams come true, and the upcoming Summer Night Festival was renamed to the "Shooting Star Festival".

Reimu and co, having caught wind of the continuous meteor showers, went out to investigate the source of the meteors' magic.



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A partial remake in the engine of Project Beril (as a DLC of that game) was announced by programmer SeiweLL in a promotional video on June 4th, 2023. The remake includes stage 2, stage 5, and the stage 6 boss fight. The DLC was launched on June 9th, 2023, on the 7th anniversary of Shining Shooting Star's release.

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