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Shining object

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A shining object from Story of Eastern Wonderland
Sprite of a shining object from Story of Eastern Wonderland.

Hakurei Shrine, ??

Official Games

Shining objects (光る物体 Hikaru buttai) are blue, white and purple luminous orb objects that only appear as stage enemies on the first stage of the PC-98 game Story of Eastern Wonderland. They'll fly onto the screen randomly, and shoot small bullets clockwise around its body, not aiming its bullets at Reimu Hakurei and Genjii. They stop moving each time they're done a whole clock of bullets, and they can shoot twice as many bullets on Hard and Lunatic. It takes a matter of a few shots to defeat them, but if defeated on Lunatic, they'll throw bullets directly at Reimu as return fire. It's unknown what their real names are, but they were apparently created by Rika, along with the Bakebake, Shrine Tank, Flower-Tank, Evil Eye Σ and a few cannons.

The name "shining objects" is uncommonly used in the Japanese fan-base, likely to reflect their appearance. They appear very similar to the orb on the background of Stage 4 of the same game, as well as the orb Utsuho Reiuji points to in her appearances.