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(しん) ()
Shinki in Mystic Square
The God of Makai
More Character Titles



God and creator of Makai


Pandæmonium, inside Makai

Music Themes
Official Games

Note: These two appearances are unofficial, but Shinki's theme in both games were composed by ZUN.

"Defeat me? How ridiculous!! A shrine maiden is nothing more than a dog of the gods."
Shinki to Reimu (Mystic Square Stage 6.)

Shinki (神綺) is the creator of Makai, a world of demons whose entrance is located near the Hakurei Shrine in a mountain cave. She describes herself as a god.

Character Design


Her name is Shinki (神綺). Shin () means "god", and ki () means either "fine thin silk", "figured cloth", "elegant", or "beautiful".


Shinki has light-blue eyes with white hair and wears red robes. She's able to summon six white wings, which can turn purple with red markings.



Mystic Square

During the events of Mystic Square, Shinki allowed a Makai tourist agency to organize trips to Gensokyo for Makai demons, which caused problems for Gensokyo's residents. Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Mima and Yuuka Kazami traveled to Makai to put an end to this intrusion, defeating a number of Makai natives and Shinki herself.

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Fan Games

Shinki as she appears in Magus in Mystic Geometries.
This section is about content that is officially licensed by Team Shanghai Alice but is not canonical to the Touhou Project. It may or may not have portrayals and/or information contradictory to Touhou Project's canon.
Shinma Touki Den ~ Magus in Mystic Geometries

Like with most of the PC-98 material, Shinki does not appear in the newer Windows series. However, she made an unofficial appearance as the sole boss of the 2008 fangame. ZUN had some involvement with the game and composed the music used for the boss fight.

Touhou Unreal Mahjong

Shinki reappears as a playable character in the related 2009 fangame, Touhou Unreal Mahjong using the same song ZUN composed for her. ZUN also helped with this game for composing another song that was used for Rinnosuke.

Even if it was used for fangames, the song is more or less Shinki's second theme. The song doesn't really have a name; it is generally referred to as "神魔討綺伝 AN ORDEAL FROM GOD" as this was what the Touhou Unreal Mahjong OST referred to it as, but like the other two songs from Magus in Mystic Geometries on the album (arrangements of Patchouli's theme), this name simply refers to the game it came from and the song's usage.



Yumeko works as a maid for Shinki. Shinki has stated that Yumeko is her strongest creation.

Alice Margatroid

Alice was a resident of Makai during the PC-98 era. However, with Alice living in the Forest of Magic in the Windows era, the relationship between Shinki and Alice Margatroid is never directly addressed. It's unclear whether Alice was created by Shinki, was a normal magician who moved to Makai, or if her origins have been retconned by the Windows games. Hieda no Akyuu states in Perfect Memento in Strict Sense that Alice is a former human who turned into a youkai.

Minor Relationships

Residents of Makai

Since Shinki states that she was the creator of Makai, it can be presumed that all of the residents of Makai were also created by Shinki. Such residents would include Yumeko, Sariel, Sara (the Gatekeeper of Makai), Yuki, Mai, Louise, Elis, YuugenMagan, the Wheel Demon, Ayana and stage enemy demons. It is not clear whether she created Alice Margatroid of the PC-98 canon, as it is unclear what relation this Alice has to Makai.

Additional Information


Official Sources

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