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Shion Yorigami

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(より) (がみ) () (おん)
joɽigami ɕioɴ
Shion Yorigami
Shion Yorigami
Shion Yorigami in Touhou Gouyoku Ibun
The Most-Despicable and Disastrous Elder Twin Sister
More Character Titles

Poverty God


Capable of making people unlucky, including herself


Con artist, personification of poverty.


Hakurei Shrine

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"I've never been serious about this until now. If I let it all out, everyone will be unlucky, including me! But I've had enough. Who cares about winning or losing? When I'm done here, we'll all be losers. The shrine maiden, me, and you too, Joon!"
Shion Yorigami (Antinomy of Common Flowers Yukari's scenario)

Shion Yorigami (依神 紫苑 Yorigami Shion) is a poverty god and one of the main antagonists of Antinomy of Common Flowers. Together with her younger sister, Joon, she robs innocent residents of Gensokyo of their wealth by bringing them misfortune.

General Information


Due to her power making her constantly cursed with misfortune, when Shion is first introduced she had become a quiet, uncaring and submissive person, not really caring about being bossed around and berated by her younger sister. However, it seems that deep down, she wants to forge her own identity and be important in her own right, and after the events of Antinomy of Common Flowers she seems to have become independent of her sister, loitering around with Tenshi Hinanawi instead. Occasionally, she can become more passionate and suddenly start to stand up for herself, which usually coincides with releasing an enormous aura of misfortune into her surroundings. So great is her misfortune, that even just being able to eat and drink something that everyone else considers extremely disgusting makes her incredibly happy.[1]


As a poverty goddess, Shion brings misfortune to others, but is also constantly cursed with misfortune herself since she stores it inside her own body. As more and more misfortune is stored up, it'll explode at regular intervals; at this time, Shion turns into a super poverty god who scatters bad luck all around. Through Perfect Possession, she used this power to make Joon's opponents so unlucky that they'd lose for absolutely no reason. The only one unaffected by this power seems to be Tenshi Hinanawi, whose natural good luck has been considered to be inexhaustible by the poverty goddess. Since the misfortune also affects Shion, she seems to be unable to win any fight by herself, and even outside battles, absolutely anything she is involved with always ends badly for her and anyone else involved. When she planned a couple of banquets with Tenshi, all the food and drinks were disgusting, and all the participants, including Tenshi, became sick or had other problems.[1]

Character Design


Shion is a Poverty goddess (貧乏神 binbougami). They generally assume a form of elderly beggar, going home to home and asking for entrance. People who welcome the Binbougami to their home will be struck in misfortune. They could, however, be repelled by invoking the Fortune God (福神 fukujin) to counteract the curse. They are fond of Miso, a paste made from Fermented Beans.


Her full name is Shion Yorigami (依神 紫苑). Shion (紫苑) comes from harujion (春紫苑), the Japanese word for the Philadelphia fleabane. [2] The flower is nicknamed as Poverty Grass (貧乏草) in which gives an emphasis to her status as a poverty goddess. Philadelphia fleabane is closely related to daisy fleabane, called in Japanese as himejoon (姫女苑), is the flower that is likely what her sister Joon is named after, thus reflecting their relationship as siblings. Interestingly enough, both the Philadelphia Fleabane and Daisy Fleabane is considered as an Invasive Species in Japan and disregarded as weeds on its native land of North America, just as the Yorigami sisters have a reputation for being two of the most despicable inhabitants of Gensokyo. In addition to that, the birth order of Yorigami sisters mayhaps influenced by the flower they are named after, as Philadelphia Fleabane usually blooms first around April and May, while Daisy Fleabane tends to bloom a few months later. On its own, Shion is also the Japanese word for Tatarian Aster. Her family name Yorigami is composed of the kanji 依, which means "reliant" or "dependent", and 神, which means "god". The first kanji is also present in the term hyoui (憑依) meaning "possession", so it is possible that Yorigami could mean "possession god".


Shion has blue eyes and purple hair that flows as if it were a flame with a ribbon on top. She wears a gray short-sleeved hoodie and a blue semi-transparent skirt. All her clothes are randomly decorated with what appears to be bills depicting debt and eviction notices. The readable notices say "督促状" (dunning letter), 警告 (warning, notice), 差し押さえ (foreclosure) and 立ち退き (eviction). On both her wrists there are golden bracelets. She is also seen carrying a small broken beggar's cup and a small, patched-up doll of what appears to be a cat. She is completely barefoot. One of her legs appears to be surrounded by a blue spirit-like flame. In some animations, she appears to lose (or hide) both legs and gain a blue ghost-like tail.


Antimony of Common Flowers

Along with her sister, they plan to rob the atendees of a Prismriver concert. Many people try to stop them, but due to Shions power they are unable to win. Yukari eventually figures out a way to defeat them and battles them with Reimu, winning.

Shion's sprite in GI
Touhou Gouyoku ibun

In Kanako’s Scenario, Kanako realises that both of them had being recollecting as much petroleum as they could with the intention of getting rich, and she calls them egoists for that. Later, they call her poor and fight against her, only to be defeated.

In Minamitsu’s scenario, both of them call the phantom poor after she said she didn’t know what petroleum was, and they attack her after knowing she wants to stop the incident.

In their scenario, Joon and Shion go after more petroleum to get richer. After fighting Kanako, Joon enters in a backdoor in her back, and she is followed by Shion. They arrived to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, where they fight Flandre Scarlet. After winning against the vampire, they enter again a door and they get out of Yuuma Toutetsu’s back, who they fight for the the “petroleum” from the Hell of Blood Pools.


Wild and Horned Hermit

In chapter 45, both Tenshi Hinanawi and Shion took care of the banquet Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame were hosting. Although Kasen Ibaraki tried to convince Tenshi to throw the idea, she could not and got scolded by Shion for “insulting” the food. Everybody complained about how awful the food was, but the constant praises of Shion about it made them eat it anyways. The next morning, everybody suffered the effects of that indigestible food.

However, Tenshi promised another banquet, so Kasen this time tried to convince them using another perspective, which worked, and everybody had a real banquet. Nevertheless, the poverty god was there too and her effect made everybody sick the next morning anyway.


Joon Yorigami

Shion's younger sister. Joon is a plague god that uses her powers to make others spend all their money and give it to her. Although Shion was fundamental for Joon's scheme during the events of Antinomy of Common Flowers, she seems to not hold Shion in high regard, as she often berates her and heavily insults her as soon as they get cornered by Yukari Yakumo and Reimu Hakurei, calling her a "gloomy, poor, smelly, miser who can't do anything on her own", [3] and saying how there isn't anything good about her.

Tenshi Hinanawi

A celestial with apparently inextinguishable good luck, unaffected by Shion's misfortune and that became her friend after she realized that the poverty goddess' misfortune wouldn't affect her. Since, unlike everyone else, the celestial doesn't mind being near her, Shion thinks someone like Tenshi can finally make her feel happy. After almost a year after the Perfect Possession incident, the two are still seen spending time together in Gensokyo, even organizing a couple of banquets at the Hakurei Shrine. Shion seems to care a lot about Tenshi, almost starting to cry when she thought Tenshi was angry with her due to a headache. [1]






Spell Cards

Spell Cards
Name Translated Comments Games Stage
Total: 8
不運「ようこそ極貧の世界へ」 Bad Luck "Welcome to the World of Destitution" Co-owner with Joon AoCF Story
財禍「プラックピジョン」 Financial Ruin "Pluck Pigeon" Co-owner with Joon AoCF Story
憑依交換「アブソリュートルーザー」 Possession Exchange "Absolute Loser" Co-owner with Joon AoCF Story
貧符「ミスチャンススキャッター」 Poor Sign "Mischance Scatter" AoCF Story
「最凶最悪の極貧不幸神」 "The Most Despicable and Disastrous God of Destitution and Misery" AoCF Story
石油「フレイマブルレイン」 Petroleum "Flammable Rain" Co-owner with Joon SFW
石油「貧乏神的な原油流出汚染」 Petroleum "Poverty God's Crude Oil Runoff Pollution" Co-owner with Joon SFW
油井「疫病神的な天空掘削機」 Oil Well "Pestilence God's Heavenly Excavator" Co-owner with Joon SFW

Additional Information

  • According to ZUN and Aya Azuma on an interview, Shion's existence was shown implicitly before her official appearance at Antinomy of Common Flowers (Dec. 29th, 2017); Reimu does her best and it turns back to poverty on chapter 43 of Wild and Horned Hermit "The Hakurei Shrine Cannot Make A Profit" (Dec. 26th, 2017). — It first seems to readers that this is the inherent attribute of Reimu or Hakurei Shrine, but in fact, Shion already settled down there.
  • Joon, along with Shion, are the only final boss consisting of two characters.


Official Profiles

Shion Yorigami AoCF   ○最凶最悪の双子の姉

  依神 紫苑
  Yorigami Shion







The Most Despicable and Disastrous Elder Twin Sister

Shion Yorigami

Species: Poverty god
Ability: Capable of making people unlucky, including herself

A poverty god who reduces people's luck and makes them poor upon possessing them, who is thus hated by everyone.
Abject and gloomy. Would rather let other people take care of things for her.

She herself will remain destitute no matter where she goes, so she doesn't try to put in any effort, and is apathetic.

Where does all of the lost wealth and good luck go?
They're actually converted into debt and bad luck, respectively, and continually stored inside her body.
As more and more is stored up, it'll explode at regular intervals; at this time, she turns into a super poverty god who scatters bad luck all around.

However, she's actually a sort of guardian god, who protects people from dramatic financial ruin by reducing their overall wealth.
Although she's still hated in the end, of course...

This time around, in order to escape from poverty, she decided to possess her gaudy spendthrift of a younger sister.
Her sister can't save up money either, though, so she remained poor as ever.

Official Sources

Official sources