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Shoot the Bullet

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東方文花帖 (とうほうぶんかちょう)
Shoot the Bullet
Shoot the Bullet

Team Shanghai Alice


Team Shanghai Alice


Full: 2005-12-30


Vertical Danmaku Photography Shooting Game


Single-player Story Mode


Original release: Windows 2000/XP

Steam version: Windows 7/8/10


Original release

  • Pentium 800MHz
  • 140MB hard disk
  • Direct3D
  • DirectX 8
  • 16MB VRAM
  • DirectSound
  • 128MB RAM

Steam Version

  • Core 2 duo CPU or faster
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • Graphics must be Shader Model 2.0 compatible
  • Directx 9.0c
  • 150 MB of available storage space
  • DirectSound
Touhou Series chronology
Phantasmagoria of Flower View Shoot the Bullet
Mountain of Faith

Touhou Bunkachou(Word Flower Album) ~ Shoot the Bullet (東方文花帖 ~ Shoot the Bullet) is a danmaku vertical-scrolling photography game and the 9.5th official installment of the Touhou Project, released between Phantasmagoria of Flower View and Mountain of Faith. It was released as an accompanying game to Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red. It was also released to Steam in the summer of 2021.


Shoot the Bullet is an unconventional danmaku game based around the use of a chargeable bullet-cancelling camera. The player dodges bullets but is unable to directly damage the enemy. Instead, they use Aya's camera to take a varying amount of pictures of the boss. Aya's camera is capable of eliminating all bullets within the viewfinder when a shot is taken, regardless of if the boss is in frame. When the boss is featured in a photo, it is given a score based on several criteria, including the amount and type of bullets captured. The bosses included in this game are returning bosses from games Embodiment of Scarlet Devil to Phantasmagoria of Flower View.

Name and Concept

The concept of Shoot the Bullet existed since Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. ZUN experimented with the idea previously, but the results didn't satisfy him, shelving the concept. The game required a character that takes photos. Thus, Phantasmagoria of Flower View introduced Aya Shameimaru, a photographing tengu. While Shoot the Bullet was in development, Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red was released. This book contains various interviews which Aya conducts with other characters. The photography game was intended to be a minigame included in the book's accompanying CD, but it was ultimately released on its own.

Originally, ZUN wanted to include new stages via updates. [1] However, he later announced that there would not be content updates, as he wanted to move on to newer projects. [2]

On the March 14, 2010, a sequel to Shoot the Bullet, titled Double Spoiler, was released. [3]


Aya Shameimaru sets out to photograph bosses from previous Touhou games. However, it is never revealed why she takes these photos. At one point it is pointed out that "No one knows the purpose of the photos, except Aya", and the only reason she does not shoot the opponents is "not to be nice, but because she doesn't want her bullets in the picture."


The game soundtrack of Shoot the Bullet features six tracks: one title/menu screen theme, and five photographing themes. Akin to previous games, the title theme contains the motif heard in "Theme of Eastern Story" from Akyu's Untouched Score vol.5. The fifth theme, "Wind God Girl" (風神少女), was also featured on the Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red CD and in Phantasmagoria of Flower View. "Wind God Girl" received an arrangement Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. The soundtrack organizes the photo themes in the order that the player will encounter them in the game.

An arrangement of "Retrospective Kyoto" (レトロスペクティブ京都) is included in the "ZUN's Music Collection" CD Retrospective 53 minutes. In the following CD, Magical Astronomy, "Sleepless Night of the Eastern Country" (東の国の眠らない夜), is featured.


ZUN announced Shoot the Bullet on his blog Invisible Games and Japanese on November 13, 2005, alongside some screenshots.[4] These screenshots were supplemented in later blog posts.[5][6] The game was released at Comiket 69 on the December 30, 2005. Three patches were released over a period of three days during January 2006.[1][7][8][9]


  • The game's disk is decorated with real-world newspaper articles.
  • This was the only spin-off game to have a Marisa icon until the release of 100th Black Market.


English patches

Touhou Community Reliant Automatic Patcher / THCRAP

These patches are a community translation based on Touhou Wiki and the English Touhou Patch Center Portal.
Visit the thpatch game page to find the specific patch contents for Shoot the Bullet.

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