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Shoot the Bullet/Spell Cards/Level Ex

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Level Ex Spell Card Strategy

Spell Card Ex - 1

Screenshot No. Ex - 1: 禁忌「フォービドゥンフルーツ」
Taboo "Forbidden Fruit"
Owner: Flandre Scarlet
Level Ex — 1
Comment: 取材中にいきなり攻撃を仕掛けてきました。

Spell Card Ex - 2

Screenshot No. Ex - 2: 禁忌「禁じられた遊び」
Taboo "Forbidden Games" [1]
Owner: Flandre Scarlet
Level Ex — 2
Comment: 私はてっきり吸血鬼が十字架に弱い物なのかと

Spell Card Ex - 3

Screenshot No. Ex - 3: 境符「色と空の境界」 [2][3]
Boundary Sign "Boundary between Form and Emptiness" [4]
Owner: Yukari Yakumo
Level Ex — 3
Comment: ファインダーを覗いていたら逃げ場のない

Spell Card Ex - 4

Screenshot No. Ex - 4: 境符「波と粒の境界」
Boundary Sign "Boundary between Wave and Particle" [5]
Owner: Yukari Yakumo
Level Ex — 4
Comment: まるで催眠術でもかけられそうでした。

Spell Card Ex - 5

Screenshot No. Ex - 5: 貴人「サンジェルマンの忠告」
Exalted Personage "Forewarning of St. Germain" [6]
Owner: Fujiwara no Mokou
Level Ex — 5
Comment: カメラは大丈夫かしら?
人間って何者? 火消し屋さん?

Spell Card Ex - 6

Screenshot No. Ex - 6: 蓬莱「瑞江浦嶋子と五色の瑞亀」
Hourai "Mizue no Uranoshimako and Five-Coloured Turtles" [7][8]
Owner: Fujiwara no Mokou
Level Ex — 6
Comment: 赤青黄白黒。こんな亀は見たことが無いわ。

Spell Card Ex - 7

Screenshot No. Ex - 7: 鬼気「濛々迷霧」
Qi of Oni "Deep Fog Labyrinth" [9]
Owner: Suika Ibuki
Level Ex — 7
Comment: 濃い鬼の霧は当たると痛いのよねぇ。

Spell Card Ex - 8

Screenshot No. Ex - 8: 「百万鬼夜行」
"Night Parade of One Million Demons" [10]
Owner: Suika Ibuki
Level Ex — 8
Comment: 久々に鬼の力を見たわ。


  1. Forbidden Games (Jeux Interdits): A title of a French film.
  2. Shiki (): Form (Rupa), color.
  3. Kuu (): Emptiness (Shunyata), void.
  4. Her name "purple ()" is also visible and invisible light.
  5. The name is concerned in quantum theory.
  6. Count of St. Germain: an immortal alchemist.
  7. Mizunoe no Ura no Shimako, who is also known as "Tarou Urashima (浦島太郎)", is a central character of a Japanese folktale which is a little bit similar to "Rip Van Winkle". The Rip Van Winkle effect is dubbed the Urashima effect in Japan.
  8. The five colors, red, blue, yellow, white, and black, are symbolic colors of the five elements in East Asian philosophy. The colors correspond to Fire (), Wood (), Earth (), Metal (), and Water (), respectively.
  9. Qi: mysterious energy in the Chinese philosophy.
  10. Hyakki Yako (百鬼夜行): A night parade of one hundred demons. This spell's name is a coined term from this parade, times ten thousand (百万: a million, : a hundred).
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