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Shoot the Bullet/Translation

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The English transcript of Shoot the Bullet for your reading pleasure.

The Japanese transcript has also been included in order to encourage fellow translators to chip in and make our translations more accurate/helpful.



Other Translations

Scene Comments

Scenes that have been cleared with an adequate score will have a scene-specific comment from Aya displayed in pink text, each of which can be found at Spell Cards. If an adequate score has not yet been obtained, then one of the following comments will be displayed instead, in blue text:

  • Levels whose scenes haven't been unlocked yet:
I don't think this has good feng shui.
Nothing interesting seems to be happening over here.
  • Scenes that have been unlocked, but don't have a best shot (i.e., at least one photograph with a non-zero score) yet:
この辺で面白い事が起こりそうね。 It looks like something interesting might happen here.
  • Scenes that have a best shot, but that haven't been cleared yet:
Well, I've taken quite a few here, haven't I.
If I can't get a few more good photos, I can't
write up an article.
  • Scenes that have been cleared, but with a low score:
Hmm. I've got enough pictures, but ...
I'd like to try to get something a bit more useful.
I can't write a good article with pictures like these.


フィルム装填率が100%まで溜まったら、撮影ボタンを押して離せば撮影可能。 In order to take a picture, Aya's camera needs to be charged to 100%.
フィルム装填率を高速で回復させる方法は、撮影ボタンと低速ボタンを同時押し。 You can increase the speed of the charge by holding shoot down focus.
撮影中、撮影ボタンを押し続けると、一定時間フォーカスを動かす事が出来る。 You may move the crosshairs by holding down the picture button.
ボスが映っていない写真(失敗写真)は評価外。スコアにも加算されない。 If a picture does not include the boss (failed picture), the picture is discarded and it is not scored.
弾幕を消すためだけに写真を撮ることも悪くはない。 You may shoot a picture only to get rid of the bullets.
撮影回数に制限はないが、制限時間を過ぎるとボスが逃げてしまうので急ごう。 You may shoot any number of pictures, but the boss will run away if you pass the time limit.
幻想郷一の足の速さを生かし、ヒットアンドアウェイも悪くはない。 You may hit and run with the fastest speed in Gensoukyou.
たまには思い切ってボスに近づいてみたり、裏に回ってみたりすると良いことも。 Sometimes, you should close on the boss or go behind it.
撮影ボタンを押してすぐに離せば、自分の周りの弾幕が消せる。 You can get rid of the bullets around you by pressing shoot for a moment.
基本的に弾幕が激しいときに撮影すると、点数が高い。 Basically, the more bullets there are, the higher the score is.
ボスが紅い魔方陣を展開している瞬間がシャッターチャンス! The moment the boss spreads out a scarlet magic circle, it is time to shoot a nice picture!
小さな弾より大き目の弾の方が点数が高い。また、速度が速いほど高いぞ。 The bigger the bullet is, the higher the score is. Ditto the faster.
スコアは成功した写真の評価点の合計。それ以外の行為では一切点数が入らないぞ。 The score of the scene is the total score of the successful pictures. It is not scored by anything else.
ボスが弾を出す瞬間を狙って撮影しよう。 Let's shoot pictures when the boss is shooting.
写真に自分が写っていると少し嬉しい。 You'll be glad if Aya herself is in a picture.
写真にボスと自分が両方写っているとさらに幸せ。 You'll be more glad if both the boss and Aya herself are in a picture.
弾を撮影した後の光の粒は、フィルム装填率を少しだけ回復させる。 Light particles which appear after shooting bullets charge the camera slightly.
Shotボタンを押して、すぐに離せば自分の周りの弾が消せる。 You can get rid of the bullets around you by pressing shoot for a moment.
隙を見てボスに接近して撮影してみよう。 Let's close on the boss and shoot a picture.
得点は、撮影成功した写真の評価点の合計。それ以外で点数が増えることはない。 The score of the scene is the total score of the successful pictures. It is not scored by anything else.
写真は敵弾が沢山写って華やかな方が評価点が高い。 The more bullets there are, the higher the score is.
様々な条件を満たすと評価点にボーナスが入ることもある。 Bonuses are awarded when some conditions are satisfied.
幻想郷一の足の速さを有効に使おう。 Let's utilize the fastest speed in Gensokyo.
幻想郷一の足の速さが命取りになる場合は安全運転で。 You may move safely when the too fast speed is fatal.
撮られた写真が何に使われるかは、文しか知らない。 Nobody knows the usage of the pictures, except Aya.
文がショットを撃たないのは優しさではなく写真に自分の弾が入るのが嫌だからです。 The reason why Aya doesn't shoot bullets is not that she is kind, but that she does not want her bullets to appear in the pictures.

English Patch

An English patch was created which can be downloaded here at touhou.net.