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Shrine Tank

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Sprite of the tank in SoEW

The Shrine Tank (神社戦車 Jinja sensha) is a tank created by Rika that only appears as the first stage midboss of Story of Eastern Wonderland. It attacks Reimu Hakurei and Genjii on a bridge before encountering Rika herself and the Flower-Tank, being the boss of the stage. It shoots small white danmaku, going in the pattern of 3 way, 4 way, 4 way, aiming directly at Reimu. Rika said that everything on the first stage was created by her, so this tank is obviously hers, along with the Flower-Tank, the Evil Eye Σ, the bakebake, some shining objects and a few cannons. However, it's unknown whether it is automatic or piloted by Rika.

Background Information

The name "Shrine Tank" (神社戦車) is unofficial, but it's used amongst the Japanese fanbase, referencing its appearance. It's likely to follow the same naming scheme of the Flower-Tank (ふらわ~戦車). It may also be referred to as the "SoEW 1st Stage Midboss" (封魔録一面中ボス).

The sprite of the tank shows it has large brown caterpillar tracks with a black square turret. The turret seems to have a red roof with a Shimenawa on it and a black gun. On top of the roof, it has four symbols and one of them is a taijitu symbol. It bears a resemblance to a Mikoshi (神輿), a portable shrine. However, for this to be the case is debatable because the Hakurei Shrine was the only shrine in Gensokyo before the Moriya Shrine occurred, according to non-PC-98 sources.

Additional Information

The results when the tank self-destructs
  • The tank is known to be the first ever midboss in the whole series.
  • Track marks will still remain on the bridge after its destroyed.
  • If the player doesn't destroy the Shrine Tank and lets it ride to the end of the bridge, then an extra layer of wood from the bridge with track marks will be place on the path. This is likely a script error glitch as to when the tank should be destroyed by default.


Official Sources

Official sources