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Silent Sinner in Blue
Silent Sinner in Blue vol.2



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December 9, 2008





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SSiB Chapter Eight: The Sage's Letter (January 9, 2008)

Translated by Solamarle, edited by Arsen

Summary: The moon rabbits of the Lunar Defence Corps relax and gossip, but quickly return to their drills when they see Watatsuki no Yorihime approaching. She introduces Reisen as a new member, explaining that they've had to take her in for her protection, and tells them that they must train in preparation for an enemy who will soon arrive from Earth. Later, the Watatsuki gaze at the Sea of Tranquility as they ponder Eirin's letter and the warning it contained. Toyohime demonstrates her powers by throwing a stone at the Earth's reflection in the water and making it fall through a Yukari-like gap to Earth. On Earth, Patchouli explains the journey plan to Reimu and that she will remain behind as navigator. Meanwhile, Eirin and Reisen Udongein Inaba sneak into the Scarlet Devil Library to see the rocket - while Reisen laughs at its absurd appearance, Eirin says it's "almost perfect" and realises that someone else must have told them the Sumiyoshi method. She then hides a piece of cloth among the offertory slips on the rocket's roof so that it will be drawn to the Moon.

SSiB Chapter Nine: Sumiyoshi in Blue (February 9, 2008)

Translated by Solamarle, edited by Arsen

Summary: With the rocket finished Remilia holds a party to celebrate, to which most of the named characters in the series are invited. Reimu is suspicious of Yuyuko, but she plays innocent and insists that Youmu's mention of sailing was her own idea. Remilia asks for submissions for names for the rocket - Eirin comments that giving pet names to a vessel of the Sumiyoshi gods might prevent it from reaching the moon, especially if they're unsuitable names, and has Marisa submit Mintaka/Alnitak/Alniram (the stars of Orion's Belt, associated with the Sumiyoshi). Yuyuko leaves the party after hearing that Eirin knows about the rocket's power source, telling a confused Youmu that she's a spy; Reimu is also suspicious but Eirin lies and says Remilia mentioned it earlier.

SSiB Chapter Ten: Illusionary Cape Caneveral (March 8, 2008)

Translated by Solamarle, edited by Arsen

Summary: The moon rocket is launched, carrying Remilia, Sakuya, Reimu, Marisa and three fairy maids, but a round trip will take from two weeks to a month. Eirin explains things to the Eientei residents, including the cloth she attached to the rocket (revealed to be a piece of a Lunar Veil). She says she hopes that Remilia will reach the Moon so she can "find the real culprit trying to invade the capital", and laughs at Reisen for not having figured out who's behind everything.

SSiB Chapter Eleven: Flying the Blue Sky (April 9, 2008)

Translated by Solamarle, edited by Arsen

Summary: The first stage of the rocket detaches on Day 5. Realising that they left the heating oil behind on it, Sakuya borrows Marisa's Hakkero. Noticing that the air is becoming thinner, Sakuya opens a window to see if it's different outside, resulting in strong winds blowing inwards. Marisa finds it odd that they still have air and their weight hasn't changed. Back on Earth, Eirin asks Patchouli how the expedition is going; they discuss how the distance varies depending on the method of travel, and Patchouli mentions that the journey was timed so that they'd arrive at the time of a full moon when the Lunar Capital's barrier had an opening. Eirin threatens Patchouli to tell her where she learned that, to which Patchouli retorts that she knows about the piece of Lunar Veil Eirin attached to the rocket, and that she wants the journey to succeed too. Even Remilia knew that her run of good luck was because she was being manipulated, but went along with it out of boredom. On Day 12 of its journey, the rocket's final stage crash-lands in a lunar sea.

SSiB Chapter Twelve: The Sea of Prosperity (June 9, 2008)

Translated by Solamarle, edited by Arsen

Summary: Reimu and Marisa look out on the Sea of Prosperity and the wreckage of their ship. Remilia explores the surrounding area, but is bored to find only peach trees. At that point a member of the Lunar Defense Corps appears, pointing a rifle at her back. Reimu and Marisa are about to try fishing, but Watatsuki no Yorihime appears to tell them that there is no life in the "pure" seas of the moon. Pointing a sword at Reimu she asks if she was the one who summoned the Sumiyoshi gods, and on receiving an answer she uses "the power of Lord Gion, which seals away the goddesses" to trap the two in cages of blades. A moon rabbit arrives to tell Yorihime that her group was defeated by Remilia (actually they just got scared and ran), followed shortly by Remilia herself. Yorihime tries to attack Remilia but Sakuya stops time and grabs her, before freeing Reimu and Marisa. Remilia announces her intention to conquer the moon.

SSiB Chapter Thirteen: The Beauty of the Moon's Surface (July 9, 2008)

Translated by Solamarle, edited by Arsen

Summary: Yorihime transforms her arms into fire, forcing Sakuya to release her hold; she explains that it's the divine flame of Lord Atago, which can burn anything. Reimu realises that Yorihime has the same power to channel the gods that she does. Yorihime correctly notes that Reimu has only started doing so recently and says that Reimu's channelings have been blamed on her, before using Gion's power to trap the entire party. Marisa convinces Yorihime to let them settle things with a spell card battle, promising that they'll go back to earth quietly if they lose. After a demonstration of the rules where the fairy maids fight a moon rabbit, the first duel begins - Yorihime versus Sakuya.

SSiB Chapter Fourteen: The Metal Showdown (August 9, 2008)

Translated by Solamarle, edited by Arsen

Summary: Yorihime has a flashback to Eirin's letter, where she predicted that the enemies who appear at the Sea of Tranquility are only a decoy but could be used to clear her name. She opens the fight by channeling Honoikazuchi, a seven-pillared dragon of lightning. The lightning seemingly engulfs Sakuya, but she "teleports" behind Yorihime unharmed, before sending a storm of knives towards her from all directions. Yorihime channels Kanayamakiho, disintegrating Sakuya's attack and then recreating it under her control. Sakuya stops time again, but is defeated when she cannot find a way through the walls of knives and lightning. Yorihime tells the rabbits that she realised that Sakuya's power wasn't teleportation after she singed her skirt while escaping her first attack. The chapter ends with Marisa stepping up for the next duel.