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Skies of Gensokyo

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幻想郷上空 (げんそうきょうじょうくう)
Skies of Gensokyo
Above the Clouds
The Skies of Gensokyo in Double Dealing Character

Above Gensokyo (but still within the realm)

Official Games

Skies of Gensokyo (幻想郷上空 Gensōkyō Jōkū), also Above the Clouds (雲の上 Kumo no Ue), is what it literally is; the skies that cover the atmosphere of Gensokyo. Although there isn't really much about the sky, it does set the location of various stages in some Touhou Project games.

General Information

The sky could be considered a place for easy transport for the residents of Gensokyo who can fly. In order to reach the Netherworld, one must find the Barrier of Life & Death that's located up in the sky. The Palanquin Ship rode across the sky during Undefined Fantastic Object. A storm once appeared twice during the events of Double Dealing Character, and it appears that it's still there as of Impossible Spell Card, although it is unknown why it was there. The first time it appeared was due to the Miracle Mallet cause by Shinmyoumaru Sukuna, which erupted the storm. The second time was caused by Raiko Horikawa, who learnt how to gain power from her original owner.


PC-98 Games

Story of Eastern Wonderland

In all the endings of Story of Eastern Wonderland, Reimu Hakurei and Genji are flying through the skies to try and find Mima who escaped from the Hakurei Shrine. They also talk about the true meaning to using the Yin-Yang Orb.

Windows Games

Perfect Cherry Blossom

The Stage 4 of Perfect Cherry Blossom takes place above the clouds. The heroine flies over the sky to get to the Barrier of Life & Death after being pointed the right direction by Alice Margatroid. As they're flying over the clouds, they'll fight various stage enemies such as fairies and spinning enemies. The heroine will also be attacked by Lily White who is the stage's midboss. She wanted to announce spring, but with danmaku. At the end, they'll finally get to the barrier, who will fight against the Prismriver Sisters since they're the boss of the stage. After, they'll get to the Netherworld.

Phantasmagoria of Flower View

The Barrier of Life & Death above the clouds appeared as a stage location in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, in which the Prismriver Sisters are dedicated to this location, specifically Lunasa Prismriver, Merlin Prismriver and Lyrica Prismriver. It is mostly dedicated to Lyrica because she is not with her sisters. The location is generally dedicated to stages 2, 3 or 4, but may appear as stage 1 on Medicine Melancholy's scenario and it doesn't appear Komachi Onozuka's scenario. Various characters will come here to look for leads towards the flower incident (even though flowers don't grow here), only to find and defeat Lyrica.

Undefined Fantastic Object

During the events of Undefined Fantastic Object, the Palanquin Ship appeared flying across the skies of Gensokyo, which made the heroine think it was a treasure ship, thus they set out to have a look at it. The setting of Stage 2 takes place over some clouds, which are called "Spring Clouds" (春の雲 Haru no Kumo) that are above the Road of Lingering Snow. This makes sense because the game is set at the start of spring of 2009. As the heroine flies over the spring clouds after coming from the Road of Lingering Snow, they'll be attacked by fairies, sunflower fairies and flying yin-yangs. Kogasa Tatara is the midboss and boss of the stage, who is easily defeated. On stage 3, the heroine will've caught up to the Palanquin Ship and go on board, only to be attacked by more fairies and flying yin-yangs. They'll encounter Ichirin Kumoi and Unzan who are guarding the Palanquin Ship. They get defeated, and thus the heroine will go into the ship.

The Extra Stage is once again located in the sky; the location is simply titled "The Night Sky" (夜の空 Yoru no Sora). On the stage itself, the heroine will fly through the clouds and fight bizarre fairies and flying yin-yangs, shooting vigorous danmaku. Kogasa surprises the heroine as the midboss of the stage, using three spell cards, but was defeated. After more roaming through the clouds, the heroine will encounter a mysterious orb, which was revealed to be Nue Houjuu. She appeared as the Stage 4 and 6 midboss as an orb. She is the boss of the stage, and thus uses 10 spell cards before she is defeated. The appearance of this stage is that there are a lot of thick clouds in a foggy state with colorful, dim clouds, and sparkly, blue dots appear to emerge from the ground. This scenery appeared to have been caused by Nue, so it is unknown if this still exists after the stage.

Double Dealing Character
The blue storm in the Extra Stage of DDC

In Double Dealing Character, the heroine will travel to the Skies of Gensokyo on Stage 4 after coming from the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. The title of this stage is "Skies of Gensokyo (Stormy)" (幻想郷上空(嵐) Gensōkyō Jōkū (Arashi)). Here, the heroine will travel here wondering why there is an orange storm in the sky. They'll fight fairies and flying yin-yangs as they'll roam across the place. If the player chooses Type A for any character, they'll encounter Yatsuhashi Tsukumo as the midboss and Benben Tsukumo as the boss of the stage, but if they chosen Type B, it's vice versa. They're tsukumogami who came to life thanks to this storm, where they'll fight the heroine because they're seen as an enemy. Once defeated, they give the indication of where the storm is coming from: the Shining Needle Castle. Stages 5 and 6 will take place in the inverted castle that floats in the sky, and once Shinmyoumaru Sukuna is defeated on the Final Stage, the Miracle Mallet will stop the storm.

However, the storm once again appears without the help from the Mallet, and thus is getting power from an unknown source, therefore the heroine will set out to have a look at this on the Extra Stage. The location title of this stage uses the same one from Stage 4. Here, the heroine will fly through here and fight bizarre fairies and flying yin-yangs, shooting vigorous danmaku. Yatsuhashi and Benben are the midboss of the stage who will fight as a duo. After they're defeated, the heroine will do more roaming and the storm will turn into a blue and purple coloured storm. Finally, Raiko Horikawa will appear as the boss, who wants to test her new, independent power on the heroine. After she's used 10 spell cards, she is finally defeated. It's not stated as to what happened to this storm, but it re-appears in Impossible Spell Card.

Hidden Star in Four Seasons

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Unconnected Marketeers

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Double Spoiler

Stage 10 of Double Spoiler takes place at the Spring Clouds, which still appear to be here since this game is set in autumn. Here, Aya Shameimaru and Hatate Himekaidou encounters Tenshi Hinanawi and Iku Nagae to try and take photos of their danmaku. There are 8 scenes total on this stage. The previous stage is at the Palace of the Earth Spirits in Former Hell of the Underworld, whilst the next stage is at the Wind God's Lake on the Youkai Mountain.

Impossible Spell Card

The fifth day takes place at the skies of Gensokyo in Impossible Spell Card that is at the same storm from Double Dealing Character, where Seija Kijin carries on defending herself from other youkai who are trying to capture her. She'll fight against Raiko Horikawa, Yatsuhashi Tsukumo and Benben Tsukumo as they try to capture her with their "impossible" spell cards. There are 8 scenes total in the day. On Scene 1, Seija will have a conversation with Raiko, and they appear to have some disagreements. She also earns the new item "Substitute Jizo", which allows her to have multiple lives per try. The previous day was at the Myouren Temple Cemetery, whilst the next day is located at the Untrodden Valley on the Youkai Mountain.


Additional Information

  • On Stage 4 of Perfect Cherry Blossom, the background is based on a real image; unknown where the photo's location was actually taken, it's believed to have been taken from ImageFolio like many other image inspirations in the Touhou Project.

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