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Son Biten

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(そん)   () (てん)
Son Biten
Son Biten
Great Sage of the Small Sanctuary
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Manipulating wild monkeys

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Son Biten (孫 美天 Son Biten) is a character who debuts in Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost.

General Information


Biten's lines in Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost indicate that she has a carefree, juvenile, & nonchalant personality, often taking situations at a surface level and lacking a sense of critical thinking. She also displays a sizeable amount of confidence, shown before her battle with Sanae Kochiya.



Biten has crimson eyes and short brown hair styled into dense pigtails, adorned with a golden tiara. She dons a dress colored lime, orange, & blue, with her dress's colors seperated by slim black frills. Biten wields a transparent avant-garde rod-like weapon. She has a presumably organic monkey tail growing out of her lower back, of which she often has wrapped around the mentioned weapon.


Biten's full name is Son Biten (孫 美天), a Chinese-derived name in reference to the character Sun Wukong (孫悟空 Sūn Wùkōng, pronounced Son Gokuu in Japanese) from the Chinese novel Journey to the West (西遊記 Xīyóujì, pronounced Saiyūki in Japanese). Using western name order, her name would be "Biten Son", but the original eastern order is used here for the sake of familiarity.

Her last name Son (孫) is a common Chinese surname that translates to "grandchild/descendant". Her first name Biten (美天) literally means "Beautiful Sky/Heaven". The first word (美 Bi) means "pretty" or "beautiful" while the second word (天 ten) means "sky/heaven". Her name when pronounced in Chinese is Sun Meitian. During her introduction when fighting against Sanae, she introduces herself as Gensokyo's Great Sage Equal to Heaven, referencing one of Sun Wukong's titles.

Her first name was likely taken from two of Wukong's titles, Handsome Monkey King (美猴王 Měi Hóuwáng, pronounced Bikouou in Japanese) and Great Sage Equal to Heaven (齊天大聖 Qítiān Dàshèng, pronounced Seiten Taisei in Japanese). In the original story, the former is used to refer to Wukong, while the latter was granted to him by the Jade Emperor after he caused havoc in Heaven over displeasure with his title.


Unfinished Dream of All Living Ghost



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Official Profiles

Th19Biten.png ○小さな聖域の大聖

 種族  猿神
 名前  孫 美天孫 美天[sic](そん びてん)
 能力  野生の猿を操る程度の能力







○The Great Sage of Small Sanctuaries

Species: Sarugami
Name: Son Biten
Ability: Capable of manipulating wild monkeys

Has been convinced that she's the second coming of the legendary monkey, Sun Wukong.

It was assumed that all the ownership of Gensokyo's land had gone up in smoke, but there was actually one region that authority-holding spirits still had on lock.
Namely, the Yamanba's sanctuary land.
An untouchable sanctuary in the Youkai Mountain's foothills.

While the phantoms that owned that land were going back and forth on whether they should give up the ownership rights, she came along, ate them, and transformed into an oni. She awakened as an oni while still having her physical body.

At this rate, she would certainly fall into Hell, and be met with awful torment.
Then Yachie Kicchou made contact with her, under the pretense of preventing her from falling to Hell.
But in reality, she was used as a foothold for the Kiketsu Family's above-ground advance.

Yet her introduction to Yachie, and the circumstances that led her to eat the phantoms, were both Zanmu's doing.

Was it Sun Wukong who was dancing atop her palm, or the beasts?