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Help:Group rights

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Staff Requirements
:''See also: [[Special:ListGroupRights|User group rights]].''
A contributor's access to perform certain actions is determined by various flags on their account, some of which are automatic and others of which must be given to them manually. A user with a flag is said to be a member of that flag's 'user group', giving them certain 'permissions' and the use of certain features of the [[mw:Main Page|MediaWiki]] software.
A number of actions on the wiki are restricted to user accounts that pass certain thresholds of age (time passed since the first edit) and edit count: users who meet these requirements are considered part of the pseudo-group <tt>'autoconfirmed'</tt>. Autoconfirmed status is checked every time a user performs a restricted action: it is then granted automatically by the software. For all users, accounts that are more than 24 hours old and have made at least 1 edit are considered autoconfirmed. This restriction may be increased at any time.
Autoconfirmed status is required to create new pages, move pages, edit semi-protected pages, and upload files or upload a new version of an existing file. Autoconfirmed users are no longer required to enter a CAPTCHA for most events. Autoconfirmed users may mark pages created by others as patrolled in [[Special:NewPages]]. In addition, the Edit filter has a number of warning settings that only affect editors who are not autoconfirmed.
=== Administrators, bureaucrats and stewards ===
Stewards also act as [[#Bureaucrat|bureaucrats]] on wikis which do not have local members of those groups, or if they're substantially active enough on a certain wiki to act as such. They generally also have other responsibilities outside the realm of the wiki, such as technical and financial administration.
All steward actions are logged at [[Special:Log/rights]]. The stewards steward on Touhou Wiki are is [[User:ChloeMami|Chloe]] and [[User:Momiji|MomijiMami]].
=== Other flagged accounts ===
=== Staff Requirements ===
The Touhou Wiki Discord and IRC channel allows for real-time communication in cases of emergency and whatnot. Administrators are recommended, but not required, to join the channel; Bureaucrats and Stewards are required to join. The Discord is [ here], and the IRC channel is located at '''#touhouwiki''' on ''''''.
Touhou Wiki staffers are also required to enter their respective information on the [[Touhou_Wiki:Administrators|list of Administrators page]].

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