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Phantasmagoria of Flower View

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{{Infobox TouhouGame| type = official game|title = {{ruby-ja|東方花映塚|とうほうかえいづか}} <br /> ''Phantasmagoria of Flower View''|image = [[ImageFile:th09cover.jpg|250px|Phantasmagoria of Flower View]]|developer developer1 = [[Team Shanghai Alice]]|publisher publisher1 = [[Team Shanghai Alice]]| publisher1Cat = Team Shanghai Alice|released = Trial+: May 4, 2005<br />Trial: June 12, 2005<br />Full: August 14, 2005|genre convention =| genre1 = Competitive Vertical [[danmaku|Danmaku]] [[shooting game|Shooting Game]]|gameplay = Single-player Story Mode, Human vs. Human Match (Shared screen, LAN, Online), Human vs. Computer AI Match, Computer AI vs. Computer AI Match|platforms = [[Windows]] [[wikipedia:Windows 98|98]]/[[wikipedia:Windows ME|ME]]/[[wikipedia:Windows 2000|2000]]/[[wikipedia:Windows XP|XP]]|requirements = *Pentium 800MHz, *505MB hard disk, *Direct3D, *DirectX 8, *32MB VRAM, *DirectSound, *128MB RAM
{{nihongo|'''{{lang|ja|東方花映塚}} ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View''' (romanized: ''||Touhou Kaeizuka|"Oriental Flower Viewing Mound"}}, known as '', lit. 'PoFV'Oriental Flower Viewing Mound'') in English speaking community, is a [[danmaku]] vertical-scrolling shooter, and is the ninth official game in the [[Touhou]] series.
[[uk:Phantasmagoria of Flower View]]
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[[Category:Competitive Vertical Danmaku Shooting Game]]

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