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Double Spoiler

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| title titleN = {{lang|ja|ダブルスポイラー}}<br />{{ruby-ja|東方文花帖|とうほうぶんかちょう}}| titleEn = Double Spoiler
| image = [[File:Th125cover.jpg|256px|Double Spoiler]]
| caption = Double Spoiler official jewel case
*256MB RAM
{{nihongothtitle|'''{{lang|ja|ダブルスポイラー ~ 東方文花帖}}'''||Daburu Supoiraa Double Spoiler ~ Touhou |Bunkachou|"Double Spoiler ~ Oriental Cultural ruby=Word Flower Album"||jp=ダブルスポイラー ~ 東方文花帖}}, known as '''DS''' in English speaking community, is a [[danmaku]] vertical-scrolling photography game sequel to and the "12.5th" official installment of the ''[[Shoot the Bullet|Touhou Bunkachou ~ Shoot the BulletProject]]''. Because it takes place after It was released between ''[[Touhou Hisoutensoku]]'' (12.3) and ''[[Fairy Wars]]'' (12.8). It is a follow-up to ''[[Shoot the Bullet]]'', it which is labelled as TH12.5similar in both gameplay and concept.
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In ''Double Spoiler'', you can play as [[Aya Shameimaru]] or, after you unlocked her, [[Hatate Himekaidou]]. Like in ''[[Shoot the Bullet]]'', the heroines must take pictures of various bosses and their bullet patterns while avoiding them as well. The player gains points for taking certain kinds of pictures, such as getting Aya or Hatate in the shot with the boss, taking pictures of bullets primarily of a single color, or taking pictures while grazing bullets. The player must take all these aspects into account in order to achieve good scores and enable a comment from both. Different from Unlike in the previous title is that last game, the camera 's orientation can be modified: it can be either horizontal portrait or vertical landscape, and can be changed during the game. Aya always starts with the horizontala landscape orientation, and Hatate with a portrait orientation. The bosses included in this game come from the Verticalgames ''[[Mountain of Faith]]'' to ''[[Undefined Fantastic Object]]''.
==Name and Concept==
''Double Spoiler'' could be seen as a is the sequel to ''Shoot the Bullet''. In the announcing of the game [[ZUN]] said , and it is the second Shoot entry in the Bullet''Touhou Bunkachou'' ({{lang|ja|東方文花帖}}) side series. <ref>{{cite web|url=|title=東方Project 第12.5弾|author=[[ZUN]]|date=3 March, 2010|language=Japanese|accessdate=August 27, 2011|quote=今回はおまけ的な扱いだった東方文花帖の第二弾となります。}}</ref> It uses This is the same concept as its predecessor. You start with Aya and you take pictures of a boss. A certain amount of "first ''[[spell cardTouhou Project]] captures" per level is required to proceed '' title to have [[wikipedia:Katakana|Katakana]] in its name. Interestingly, on the jewel case, the translation of the next levelKatakana word ''Double Spoiler'' ({{lang|ja|ダブルスポイラー}}) is misspelled as ''Double Spoier''.
The difficulty is set much higher then usual This game shares the same concept as its predecessor: you start as people will not discover touhou with this game, according to [[ZUNAya Shameimaru]]and take pictures of a boss character from one of the previous games. <ref>{{cite web|url=|title=東方Project 第12.5弾|author=Also, a certain amount of "[[ZUNspell card]]|date=3 Marchcaptures" is required to proceed to the next stage. In the previous game, 2010|language=Japanese|accessdate=August 27the bare minimum was three spell cards from each stage. This has been changed in this game: the bare minimum requirements decrease as the difficulty of the game increases, 2011|quote=*注、他の作品に比べ(オールクリアの)難易度は高いので、鍛えておいてくださいね。}}</ref> The player should be preparedmaking it easier for players to unlock all of the stages.
For it's name, it is the first time in the According to [[Touhou ProjectZUN]] to have a title , the difficulty is set much higher then usual, as people will not discover Touhou with [[wikipedia:Katakana|Katakana]] in its titlethis game. On the jewel caseHence, the translation of the Katakana word it is harder to achieve an 'all-clear'Double Spoiler'' (in this game.<ref>{{langcite web|jaurl=|ダブルスポイラー}}) is misspelled as ''Double Spoier''title=東方Project 第12''Double Spoiler'' was the first game in Touhou Project to lists its replay in the user's profile directory, and also the first to change the 5弾|author=[[Wikipedia:Windows 7|Windows 7ZUN]] users their theme to the Aero theme. Later games in the Touhou series also used this to list its replays and user's profile.|date=3 March, 2010|language=Japanese|accessdate=August 27, 2011|quote=*注、他の作品に比べ(オールクリアの)難易度は高いので、鍛えておいてくださいね。}}</ref>
Aya Shameimaru, the [[tengu]] reporter, has a newspaper named runs the "[[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]". She looks for and takes pictures of [[human]]s, [[youkai]] and any other beings that may be interesting to write about. Another tengu, [[Hatate Himekaidou]], also has a newspaper runs the "[[Kakashi Spirit News]]", fuelled by her thoughtography. Hatate was , wondering why Aya's seemingly ridiculous newspaper was is so popular, decides to observe Aya as she thinks it is a ridiculous papergathers her news. In order to find out This section of the story takes place as the player controls Aya's secret she is going to observe her. When she finally got Upon reaching the Spoiler stage, the secret she approaches two meet, and Hatate declares war on Aya and tells her to stop making up things for newspaper, expressing her disapproval of the tabloid, sensationalist nature of her papernewspaper. Aya doesnHatate't give in and Hatate s journey is making it an competitionrepresented through the player replaying the game as her, seeing her take on the events Aya has covered.
[[File:DSCongratulationsScreenTh125CongratulationsScreen.png|thumb|225px|The congratulations screen when you unlock Hatate.]]
The game soundtrack of ''Double Spoiler'' has six named tracks and one unnamedtrack. Same as The unnamed track cannot be heard in the music room, and can only be heard when you have unlocked Hatate after clearing the Spoiler stage. Like the other games their title screens, the one in title screen theme of Double Spoiler is also an arranged version of ''"Theme of Eastern CountryStory" from '' from [[Akyu's Untouched Score vol.5]]''. From the "The fifth photo themestheme, ", the fifth theme ''The Youkai Mountain ~ Mysterious Mountain''" ({{lang|ja|妖怪の山 ~}} Mysterious Mountain), is a an slightly arranged different version of the same named track in [[Mountain of Faith]] as [[Aya Shameimaru|Aya]]'s theme. The unnamed track canin ''[[Mountain of Faith]]''t be heard in , sharing the music room and only be accessed when you have unlocked Hatate after clearing the Spoiler stagesame name.
According to the music comments, the music changes when the difficulty of the game steps up a notch. [[ZUN]] said claims that the fifth track, ''"Bell of Avici ~ Infinite Nightmare'' " ({{lang|ja|無間の鐘 ~}} Infinite Nightmare), is the one the player will hear the most of the times. He even describe , describing it as some sort of 'an endless hell'. It should be This is because this theme plays during the hardest part after all. As the comments say that the tracks change when parts of the difficulty is set highergame.
Four days later after the release of ''Double Spoiler'', the ''[[Oriental Sacred Place]] 1 came out'' was released, with a ''[[Oriental Sacred Place 1 (CD)|CD]]'' included. This One of the CD holds the track ''s tracks is "Youkai Modern Colony'' " ({{lang|ja|妖怪モダンコロニー}}), which was is the full version of the same named songfrom ''Double Spoiler'', according to ZUN. ''"Bell of Avici ~ Infinite Nightmare'' " was later also slightly arranged and featured in a slightly different version in the 5.5th album of "ZUN's Music Collection", ''[[Unknown Flower, Mesmerizing Journey]] '' ({{lang|ja|未知の花 魅知の旅}}).
First time the fans heard of the game was when ZUN announced the this game on his blog ''[[Invisible Games and Japanese]]'' on 3 the 3rd of March , 2010, a few days before its full releaseat [[:Category:Reitaisai 7|Reitaisai 7]]. <ref>{{cite web|url=|title=東方Project 第12.5弾|author=[[ZUN]]|date=3 March, 2010|language=Japanese|accessdate=August 27, 2011}}</ref> At [[:Category:Reitaisai 7|Reitaisai 7]] the full version was released. To date, no new version versions of the game have been released , even though the full version features some notable bugs, especially on spell card 12-6.  ==English patches=={{thcrap|th125|}}  * Alternative English static patch v1.01 at]
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