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Rin Satsuki

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| appMiscworks = *[[Miscellaneous illustrations by ZUN#Circle Cut|Circle Cut]]? (C62)
'''Rin Satsuki''' ({{lang|ja|冴月麟}} Satsuki Rin) was supposed to be the third playable character of ''[[Embodiment of Scarlet Devil]]'' who was cut during production but still managed to leave a trace in the game data. If you do a text search of the EoSD data files, you can find the name "{{lang|ja|冴月麟}}" near the other playable characters. Associated with her are the attack types {{lang|ja|花符}} (Flower Sign) and {{lang|ja|風符}} (Wind Sign). An alleged portrait of her (or an otherwise unknown character) appears on [[Team Shanghai Alice]]'s circle ad cut in the Comiket when EoSD ''Embodiment of Scarlet Devil'' was first released. Recently, stage The Stage 1 midboss sprites of what looks much like the character in the portrait was found in the code, using a tool to rip graphics from the game.
Her name Rin ({{lang|ja|麟}}) stands for the mythological creature [[Wikipedia:Qilin|Kirin]], prompting some to believe that she was supposed to be a personification of a kirin. This is supported by the fact that by the Japanese name order, her name is "Satsu'''ki Rin'''." Official pronunciation and romanization are unknown. Her name "{{lang|ja|冴月 麟}}" is generally pronounced "Rin Satsuki ({{lang|ja|さつき りん}})."
Other possibilities for reading her name include: includes {{lang|ja|冴}} as '''sae''' or '''kooru''' and {{lang|ja|月}} as '''getsu''' or '''gatsu'''. {{lang|ja|麟}} however, has only one reading "'''rin'''."
If the girl depicted in the [[Miscellaneous illustrations by ZUN#Circle Cut|circle cut]] ''is'' Rin Satsuki, then Rin appears to wear a large ribbon on her hair with cherry hair pins and a dress-like blouse. She holds an [[Wikipedia:Erhu|erhu]] upside down. The colours are unknown because the circle cut is in monochrome. However, fans have colored her with blond hair, a pink blouse with a red underdress. Her ribbon is red and her skin colour is a pale-like colour. She has socks that are a light pink colour.
*Different fan interpretations of her appearance exist in addition to the circle cut, such as [ this] and [ this]. More canonically faithful depictions (if we accept the circle cut as a canonical depiction of Rin) include [ this] and [ this] (the latter originally drawn by Nwbi at [ MoTK]).
**However, most people go with the Rin Satsuki fans in the circle cut relation to colour has her appearance with blonde blond hair, a pink blouse with a red bowunderdress ribbon, red blouse, and as well as haing socks that are a light pink or white shirtin colour.*Many fans suggest that Rin is a [[:Category:Fan-made Characters|fan-made character]] since certain facets of her character (such as her appearance and colouring) were suggested by fans; in addition, the fact that she doesn't really have an official appearance in any ''[[Touhou Project|Touhou]] '' work only helps to support the this theory.
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