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Rin Satsuki

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*Based on a remark by [[Marisa Kirisame|Marisa]] in her [[Embodiment of Scarlet Devil: Marisa's Extra|Extra Stage]], Rin is theorized to be a nurse, but this is pure speculation. However, in modern Japanese popular culture, the kirin is often conflated with the unicorn (cf. Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter), which has healing powers; this would suggest a connection between kirin and nurses.
*Different fan interpretations of her appearance exist in addition to the circle cut, such as [ this] and [ this]. More canonically faithful depictions (if we accept the circle cut as a canonical depiction of Rin) include [ this] and [ this] (the latter originally drawn by Nwbi at [ MoTK]).
**However, most fans in relation to colour has her appearance with blond hair, a pink blouse with a red underdress ribbon, as well as haing socks that are a light pink in colour.

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