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Rin Satsuki

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*Different fan interpretations of her appearance exist in addition to the circle cut, such as [ this] and [ this]. More canonically faithful depictions (if we accept the circle cut as a canonical depiction of Rin) include [ this] and [ this] (the latter originally drawn by Nwbi at [ MoTK]).
**However, most fans in relation to colour has her appearance with blond hair, a pink blouse with a red underdress ribbon, as well as haing socks that are a light pink in colour.
*Many fans suggest that Rin is a [[Fan-made Characterscharacters|fan-made character]] since certain facets of her character (such as her appearance and colouring) were suggested by fans; in addition, the fact that she doesn't really have an official appearance in any ''[[Touhou Project]]'' work only helps to support this theory.
==Official Sources==

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