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Double Spoiler

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Aya Shameimaru, the [[tengu]] reporter, runs the "[[Bunbunmaru Newspaper]]". She looks for and takes pictures of [[human]]s, [[youkai]] and any other beings that may be interesting to write about. Another tengu, Hatate Himekaidou, runs the "[[Kakashi Spirit NewsThoughtographic Report]]", fuelled by her spirit photographythoughtography. Hatate, wondering why Aya's seemingly ridiculous newspaper is so popular, decides to observe Aya as she gathers her news. This section of the story takes place as the player controls Aya. Upon reaching the Spoiler stage, the two meet, and Hatate declares war on Aya and her newspaper, expressing her disapproval of the tabloid, sensationalist nature of her newspaper. Hatate's journey is represented through the player replaying the game as her, seeing her take on the events Aya has covered.

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